mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Libya : Nomidia, the Mata Hari of the desert was under Niqab!

The former Libyan leader, Gaddafi Mo'ammar loved women. He felt almost orgasmic pleasure to show off her Amazons in military uniforms during his official travel. But he was far from suspecting that his enemies, in this case, NATO would use a woman to spy.

         At 24, an engineer by training, "Nomidia" under her veil was almost unimaginable, the young Libyan who briefed NATO for months on strategic installations and military arsenals of Gadhafi, reports the Daily Mail of September 13, 2011.

         Being a woman in a Muslim country that has no disadvantages. Nomidia under his green Niqab was a source of information on Libyan soil extremely reliable. So reliable that NATO was bombing every fly based on his information.
On his own, she contacted a television channel anti-Qadhafi Libyan, A-Ahrar, hosted in Doha, Qatar.
"They focused on men and they were almost impossible to imagine a young woman do it all," said Nomidia.

         It took courage and temerity to do so. This young woman covered with a green scarf "felt compelled to act against the brutal forces of Qaddafi to suppress the revolt in the cities."
Al Ahrar television regularly broadcast his voice, but when their information has become too sensitive, officials in the chain made contact with NATO, through the National Transitional Council (CNT).
Her information were "essentially on the sites where weapons were stored and tanks," said Lina, producer of the chain and main contact Nomidia abroad.
"She did a great job. It was pretty brave. I know many guys who would not have done what she did in Tripoli that time, "she adds.

         At least three important sites have been bombed by NATO on the basis of information provided by Nomidia: the military camp of 7-April in the district of al Baoubit Djiba, building intelligence in Sid El Masri and storage of weapons in the neighborhood of Salaheddin, in Tripoli.
NATO, meanwhile, was conducting reconnaissance of targets, using satellites and drones. But the Libyan dictator sometimes installed bases in places civilians. It was therefore impossible to know who was inside, civil or military.
The young spy has taken enormous risks to inform the North Atlantic Organization: "I was driving and went to the scene, I was watching, watching, sometimes for hours, to be sure he had to hit them," she says.
But the most dangerous was to convey this valuable information.
"I used lots of mobile phones. I used 12 SIM cards and seven different laptops," she said.
She had to frequently change the neighborhood in Tripoli to issue but also to cover their tracks.
"I expected to be arrested at any time. (...) I was not scared at all ... I knew I would succeed. Everyone succeed. "

         Meanwhile, she still wishes to remain anonymous, saying that there is still a "fifth column forces loyal to Qadhafi that could target (his) family."

(Published by the Daily Mail of September 13, 2011)

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