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Mo'ammar Gaddafi's lost dream: Dismantle Switzerland.

On July 17, 2008, Aisha Gaddafi, a lawyer by training and eldest daughter of Colonel Gaddafi Mo'ammar, President of Libya returned with his brother Hannibal (as the son of Hamilcar Barca) and his wife Aline, eight months pregnant.
         The couple has just made the front page of every newspaper in the world: it comes out of police custody for two days in Geneva (for mistreating their domestic Moroccan) after paying bail of half a million Swiss Francs.
At the Hotel President in Geneva,  she had launched to reporters the famous law of retaliation: "Tooth for tooth, eye for eye" causing a serious diplomatic crisis between Tripoli and Bern.
Gaddafi take this opportunity to exercise real arab vendetta against the country of Guillaume Tell.
First vendetta:

         Cut Diplomatic Relations and prevent the Swiss company to land in Libya and the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways young company to land in Geneva. But Swiss was recently bought by Lufthansa, which itself can continue to land in Tripoli under the German flag.
In addition, Libya requires passports of foreign tourists to be translated into Arabic, which the Swiss will never do it was to please Gaddafi. In less discomfort for the Swiss.

Second vendetta: Close valve oil.

         Libya has indeed one of the three oil refineries in Switzerland: Tamoil SA Collombey in Valais. Unfortunately for the Libyan leader, the Swiss have the ease of sourcing elsewhere (Geneva is one of the platforms worldwide sale of oil) and has significant reserves of oil in the event of an attack.
         It must be remembered that Switzerland helped the Libyan regime during the embargo by allowing it to use its territory to sell its crude to Americans via Tamoil.

Third vendetta:

         Hunting all Swiss in Libya and take two Swiss hostages, namely Max Gold, Director of the ABB group Tripoli, and a businessman Tunisian-Swiss named Hamdani, officer of a company Helvetic of building on the grounds of visa non-compliance.

Step Four:

         Remove all Libyan assets in Switzerland, about 5.6 billion francs. This represents only 0.3% of private deposits in Switzerland! A drop of water!

Fifth vendetta:

         Accusing Switzerland to be a "Mafia World" and banks Helvetic fortune to host the terrorists.
"Like Oussama bin Laden and Al-Zawahri have their money in Switzerland, they have billions in secret accounts and the world with Switzerland is forgiving, so why bombing the mountains of Afghanistan and the poor tribes with their herds of goats during the Switzerland with money from Al Qaeda is not worried? " has he said.
Here then, for a repentant terrorist, he must know a department.
In 1992, O. N.U. the set of international pariah for its active participation in global terrorism after the attacks against aircraft of Pan Am (1988) and UTA (1989).

Sixth vendetta:

         Formal request to the United Nations dismantling of Switzerland by the French gift for the French part, the German speaking part of the country to Germany,  Italian-speaking part to Italians.
The Helvetic Confederation, it must be remembered, celebrated in 1991 its 700th anniversary, while the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is straight out of the imagination of his guide Mo'ammar Gaddafi and probably quenched him!
"Yes, he looks like a fool and that his behavior is often irrational. But he is not a fool. He knows where it goes. For me, insulting Switzerland, he tries to talk" said his friend, former Socialist deputy, the sociologist Jean Ziegler.
"That does not mean anything is unfounded and should not be taken seriously," said in August 2009, Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey spoke of Libya's behavior.
         "If I had the atomic bomb, I would do everthing to scratch the Switzerland of the map," said Hannibal hatefully at a reception of Arab representatives in Tripoli.
The bomb failed to be provided to Libya by Marco Swiss engineers, Friedrich Tinner and Urs in 2004.

Seventh vendetta:

         February 25, 2010, during a sermon on the feast of Mouloud (birth of the Prophet Muhammad), Colonel Gaddafi said Jihad (holy war) against the Helvetic Confederation it deals with apostate and disbelievers and said, "Every Muslim around the world dealing with Switzerland is an infidel and is against Islam, against Muhammad, against God, against the Quran (...).. Boycott Switzerland; boycott its goods, boycott its aircraft, ships, embassies, boycott this race infidel, apostate, who assaulted the houses of Allah."

Eighth Vendetta:

         March 3, 2010, Libya declares a total economic embargo on Switzerland.
On the world stage, Switzerland launched a vast diplomatic offensive. Six heads of state, seven foreign ministers, heads of international organizations and eleven interim officers were approached to talk to the Libyans and attempt to resolve the crisis, including among others: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has good relations with Gaddafi Mo'ammar, Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, Blaise Compaore, President of Burkina Faso, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary General of UNO, Ban Ki-moon and his predecessor Kofi Annan, head of Egyptian intelligence Omar Suleiman and ... Ms. Cecilia Attias, the former wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, who had successfully intervened in the case of the Bulgarian nurses.

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