samedi 10 septembre 2011

The morbid imagination of the Syrian opposition!

On August 18, 2011, in the early hours of dawn, an announcement in Arabic was plastered on the doors of the 18 mosques in Damascus:

The obituary was listed on the site for information on Syria, based in Damascus:

Here is a faithful translation:

"To God we belong and to him we return. The Syrian Arab Republic, the general command of the army, the commander of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, the Syrian people, the Arab and Islamic nation to submit to the divine decision with sadness and pain.
The Syrian people, the Arab and Islamic nation are part of the death of the martyr of the nation, the great militant Arab leader Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, a physician and president of the Syrian nation, after a painful accident.
May God give patience and resignation to Maher Assad (Bashar's brother, commander of the 4th division of the army or Republican Guard) and their parents. God rest his soul and he dubs the leader Maher al-Assad that he continue the march towards reform and modernization."

Born September 11, 1965, Dr. Bashar al-Assad succeeded his late father Hafez Assad as president of the Syrian Republic July 17, 2000.
According to the United Nations, the demonstrations almost daily pro-democracy and against Bashar al-Assad killed at least 2,200 victims mostly civilians since March 15, 2011.
         In 1982, the suppression of the revolt in the city of Hama on the Orontes valley by his father Hafez al-Assad had 20,000 deaths among the Muslim Brotherhood.

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