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Moroccan origins of Adolf Hitler and his hatred for the Jews.

If genomics existed in 1940, it is certain that the Nazis would used it to try to prove the racial inferiority of the people among whom they hated the Jews and Africans.
         Of course, this theory of a hierarchy of races is completely pure aberrant, but it did not serve to justify for over a century of apartheid in South Africa and is it not the basis for political Exclusion of right-wing extremists and other "racist" World?
         Now use it to analyze their genes is fair game, even though many scientists still show their reservations about the results published on a particular character!

The revelations of the Flemish weekly news magazine  "Knack".

         In September 2010, the Belgian Flemish weekly news magazine "Knack (A Left)" published an article showing that Adolf Hitler was an embarrassment from Africa, found particularly among Chleuhs southwestern Morocco (Berbers of the High Atlas, the Anti-Atlas and the Souss valley). In addition to these genes are found among Somalis, among Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic.
         The Belgian weekly magazine based on tests of its DNA conducted at the request of the historian Marc Vermeeren and journalist Jean-Paul Mulders.
         The A. D.N. used was taken from a briefcase used for seven days by one of his great-nephews, William Patrick Hitler, who later became American under the name of Alexander Stuart-Houston (1911-1987). This analysis allowed him to find his cousin in Austria.
         The magazine also claims that the A. D.N. was tested in laboratory conditions the most rigorous, to achieve these results.
         Genetic analysis of chromosome aplogroupe determines that the family of Adolf Hitler's father, Alois, is called E1b1b and represents the most recent major migration from Africa to Europe.
         This "genetic fingerprint" is much higher in the south to 25% of Greeks and Sicilians and as much as 50% to 80% of North Africans.
         E1b11b haplogroup is found more often among the Berbers and among Somalis (80%). Even more striking than the haplogroup of Adolf Hitler is very common among Ashkenazi Jews.
         The geneticist, Ronny Decorte, a professor at the Catholic University of Louvain believes that "It is a surprising result, that would not have appreciated or accepted Hitler probably did not know he had his roots in North Africa."
"It's hard to predict what will happen with this information, both to critics that the supporters of Hitler. "
has he said.
         According to the magazine Knack in the archives of Moscow, there is a jawbone of Hitler, and it also speaks of a bloodstained sheet found on the couch in his fort, April 30, 1945 in which he committed suicide.
         Knack asks the Russian government permission to analyze the remains there. That would certainly be a way to put an end to speculations have already lasted 65 years, and death of the Führer.
Curiously, the French comedian and actor, Pierre Dac (1893-1975) used the word "Chleuh" to refer to the Germans during World War II, in his song "I'll Chleuhs me."
         The word was synonymous with Boche. Fierce fighters, the Chleuhs have distinguished themselves by humiliating the French army during the two world wars.

The Jewish ancestry of Adolf Hitler

Moreover, it is not the first time that historians prove that Hitler had Jewish ancestry.
         His father, Alois Hitler Schicklgruber (1837-1903) was the result of an improper connection of a maid named Maria Anna Schickelgruber (1795-1847), a Jewish boy of 19 named Leopold Frankenberger (1837-1903) .
         The Yellow Book N° 7 (collectif of Authors, Editions Felix, Fritz Springmeier) had already addressed its origins: Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst, shows in his book " The Mind of Hitler, "with supporting evidence , Hitler was the grand-son of Baron Rothschild of Vienna.
         The Austrian police has set up a secret dossier on the origins of Hitler. Chancellor Dollfuss had ordered the investigation. It was discovered that his grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, worked in the service of Baron Rothschild when she became pregnant. When the Rothschilds have heard the news, they sent her to a clinic in the city where it originated. "
         "Was born there in 1837, Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler."
For he who ordered the investigation, Engelbert Dollfuss (1892-1934), Federal Chancellor of Austria from May 20, 1932 to July 25, 1934, was a fierce opponent to Hitler from March 4, 1933. He even tried to destabilize him. On July 25, 1934, on order of Hitler, he was murdered by the Nazis disguised in military uniforms.
         Hansjürgen Köhler, a high-ranking officer of the Gestapo, who worked for Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler assistant direct, would have had documents relating to the investigation revealed that a part in his book "Inside of the Gestapo "
and in which we find the origins of Hitler.
         The second fundamental source for the origins of Hitler came from Walter Charles Langer (1899-1981) professor at Harvard University. He is co-author of the report "A Profile of Adolf Hitler Psychologial His Life and Legend"
on the psychological profile of Hitler to the "Office of Strategic Services" published in 1972.
         His older brother William was in charge of the department of history at Harvard University and directed the "analysis and research" of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) has sponsored "The Mind of Adolf Hitler, The Secret Wartime Report, "
which says that Hitler was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber (1795-1842) and Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774-1855).

The origin of deep visceral hatred of A. Hitler towards the Jews.

         Another specialist, Alice Miller (1923-2010), a child psychiatrist Polish refugee in Switzerland, famous for her work on the hidden violence also mentioned the Jewish background of Hitler.
         In 1980, in his book "For Your Own Good," published by Aubier Montaigne in 1985, it says "the process of destructive madness." She writes Alois Hitler natural son of a Jewish merchant with whom the Grandma was good goy and was very violent in nature.
         In striking his son Adolf Hitler and the persecution morally, he had pushed to devalue and despise the Jews. It is also to avenge his father that he has totally destroyed his village of Strone in Waldviertel, Lower Austria.
         Alice Miller identifies in the sign and the raised arm Hitler, the threat embodied by the father who is about to beat her child.
         It is to escape his duty as a citizen that the Austro-Hungarian immigrants in Germany in 1912 which he acquires citizenship in 1932.

         "The hatred that is in himself is probably of all for which there is not forgiveness," wrote Georges Bernanos (1888-1948).
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