lundi 19 septembre 2011

New Zealand: Bust of the Minister of the Environment in cow dung.

In November 2009, the writer, painter and sculptor who lives in Mahon Sat Waikari sold one of his works around 1500 euros, after 112 bids. The sculpture titled "Nick in the shit" representing the Minister for the Environment New Zealand Nick Smith was made with cow dung.
The artist has used this material in protest against the laxity of Mr. Smith regarding the water pollution created by dairy farms.
Odorless, "the sculpture is hollow head properly," said the artist. The dung was collected in an organic farm, then ground in a coffee grinder, mixed with the polymer resin to finally be cast in a mold.         
Everything was polished with beeswax to give the sculpture the same appearance as the bronze.
"Pardon the pun, but it is a piece of shit" joked the Minister of the Environment in an interview in New Zealand.
In 2003, New Zealand has attempted to tax the farmers of New Zealand on the pollution caused by cow farts, but this charge was dropped after protests from farmers.
New Zealand has more than 4 million dairy cows whose products account for about one sixth of its exports. The farms are located mainly in the North Island.

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