lundi 5 septembre 2011

South Africa: The Champion 800 is he a boy or a girl?

On August 25, 2009, on his return to Pretoria, Miss Semenya Caster (18) was greeted triumphantly by the South African President Jacob Zuma and a huge crowd of people who denounce the controversy surrounding the International Athletics Federation (IAAF ) about his sexual identity at the World Championships in Munich.

On August 19, 2009, the IAAF announced just before the 800m final in Berlin, it would appoint a panel survey to determine the type of young South African, born January 7, 1991 in a remote village Limpopo rural (north).
Indeed, Caster Semenya, with a powerful body and a loud voice look like a boy. The gender test that she suffered before the World Championships in Berlin, according to a testosterone three times higher than the average female reveals the Daily Telegraph.

Worse, the newspaper said that the coach of South Africa, Ekkart Arbeit, is accused by Heidi Krieger (43), shot put champion East German (now Andreas) in 1986 to cause of his change of sex after taking massive anabolic steroids and male hormones.

"Our First Lady of Sports" and "100% feminine woman" could be read on the signs of supporters.
"We wish to express our dissatisfaction with the way Miss Semenya was treated," said South African  President Jacob Zuma who knows about sex since he is married to four women and has seen many others.
"It's one thing to ensure that no athlete has an unfair advantage over others, it is another public humiliation as an honest professional and a skilled athlete," he told the chief of the state.

The athlete ignoring the controversy said shyly: "I have taken the lead in the final 400 meters and I killed them. They could not follow the race. It was great!"
Leonard Chuene, president of the Federation of South African athletics, announced that he resigned the office of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) to protest against the treatment of Semenya.
"I deeply regret that privacy has been violated in this case which led the IAAF to confirm a gender test was requested for the young athlete. It is a regrettable matter and requested an internal investigation to be sure that the procedure is followed to the letter and so that it never happens again " told to reporters in Berlin, Lamine Diack, president of the IAAF, of Senegalese origin.
         On September 6, 2009, the coach of the South African team athletics Wilfred Daniels resigned, citing the "appalling treatment" suffered by the world champion in the 800m Semenya within its federation

"Before leaving for Berlin, Caster was asked to go to a clinic in Pretoria for tests, but it has not properly explained what it was. He said it was a test urine and blood. According to a source that I spoke, it was a kind of sexual identity verification, "said the coach in Private Radio 702.

The champion is devoid of ovaries, but had internal testes which produce testosterone level three times higher than that of a normal woman. Following these results Semenya, 18, could retain his world title. But the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) has asked to be made as soon as possible under penalty of disqualification for future competitions.
After eleven months without competition, it is rehabilitated and allowed to compete again: "What this young girl's experience and those close to him since his title was not easy. The case is closed now, she can run again, we look to the future and we are confident that if as she trains in 2009, it can regain its level of World-2009 ", said Jukka Haerkoenen agent.

After her rehabilitation, Ms. Caster Semenya won a silver medal at the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea September 4, 2011.

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