mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Tunisia / Saudi Arabia: The Sparks Fly between Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Leila "His beloved witch"

Since his fall and the absence of the degradation marabouts with their charms, Zine El-Abidine is not longer the loving husband and servile. This is probably reading the newspapers that he understood that was really Leila, "The Bewitched."
         He now devotes such hatred that he refrains from not snubbed and humiliated, even before the house staff or rare guests.
         For months, they sleep in separate rooms. Leïla which he is not the first husband demanded a divorce, but the deposed dictator to him persistently refuses. She is young, beautiful and always rich (with tons of stolen gold in Tunisia) would not have trouble finding better than a bitter and decrepit husband, and especially freedom.
         "It's a real ambitious coupled with a good living. It is not seen to end his days next to a former president and senile age, she wanted to become the first president to the Arab world, "
says a member of the clan who has known Trabelsi forty years.
         Then, from the same source, the idea of ​​attempting suicide seed in his head. "Leila loves too much for an attempt on his life. It merely wanted to annoy his Saudi hosts and force them to deport him to the UAE, "
said a close family.

The true-false attempted suicide of Leila Ben Ali Trabelsi.

         The news circulated in newsrooms all Arab newspapers. Leila Ben Ali Trabelsi had tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide. Elle, a lover of life that burns with ambition, to end his life?
         Yes, but not for real because it did during the day in front of several witnesses who were quick to bring to hospital emergency. According to a medical source in Saudi Arabia, the amount of poison absorbed, and the nature of the poison itself would never have killed Leila Trabelsi. And the dose was not even fatal.
         The Saudis have kept it secret for more than two weeks. But they know now that, contrary to a Ben Ali Zine El Abiddin resigned, his wife may be a cumbersome and host a potential source of trouble.
         To relieve the family of Ben Ali, who suffered the moisture of the climate of Jeddah, Saudi Minister of Interior and friend of the former dictator of Tunisia, Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz has decided to install them in Abha, the capital of the province of Asir.
         Tourist town located 2,200 meters above sea level, the temperature is milder and drier air.

Ben Ali is homesick!

         Besides medical care he receives, the former dictator of Tunisia, sentenced to tens years in prison in absentia by the court of his country and wanted by Interpol spends his time praying and reading.
         He was homesick and wants to jump into the lion's den and face the Tunisian courts.
         "He wants to return home, he served for 50 years, when conditions are conducive for return and that the situation has stabilized,"
says his lawyer Lebanon, Mr. Akram Azouri.
         "My client is undergoing a smear campaign that terrible night in his image. No order of Ben Ali has been given to fire on demonstrators and telephone conversations between the Ministries of Interior and Defense are all recorded. "
Ditto for the diversion of state coffers while providing the lawyer is wrong.
         Money and weapons found in his palace in Carthage? "These are guns offered by the heads of state as gifts, like gold and diamond ornaments which are also gifts to Ben Ali. "

         And to denounce "a plot against Ben Ali, currently privileged guest of Saudi Arabia and full stop. This plot was hatched to get him to immediately leave the country and overthrow it. My client will soon unveil the secrets to his people with details, "
says yet Azouri to " Achark al Awssat ", a Saudi daily published in London.

Leila Ben Ali, dreams of a Hidalgo far from Carthage.

         As for his wife, once dubbed "the regent of Carthage,"
it does not appeal at all in Saudi where morals are austere and rigid.
         Initially, she thought her stay would last a few days at the limit or a few weeks. His family said she planned to settle in Dubai to do business and make trips to Tripoli in Libya from where it was fomenting a revolution against with the help of its latest support Mo'ammar Gaddafi.
         Miscalculation, because she had no idea that the revolution would bring Jasmin him after six months of bloody war.
         In addition, another woman would thwart his evil plan: Princess Haya of Jordan, Sheikh Rashid Bin wife of Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, who adamantly opposed to his coming in the emirate. Because she sees it as a "Thief of husband"
and did not want to take unnecessary risks.
         But for her return to Tunisia without power, it is a real suicide because the Tunisians him devote such hatred, she may suffer the fate of real witches: The stoning or worse, the stake!

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