jeudi 29 septembre 2011

United Kingdom: Prince Charles paid a royal debt from 1651.

In June 2008, Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England has honored a very old royal debt. The debt of £ 453.15 (567.30 Euros) exempt interest, 350-year-old was contracted with the Company of garment manufacturers in Worcester for military uniforms unpaid by King Charles II in 1651.
The sum was handed in a purse crafted by the theater company "Royal Shakespeare company".
"It seems to me that members of the Company of confectioners have long memories. By long I mean nearly 400 years. However, as a goodwill gesture, I am now willing to honor this debt of 453 pounds and three shillings. I guess you do not, however, has escaped that I resist the overwhelming temptation to pay the debt with all interests. I'm not born yesterday, "said Prince Charles.
           After receiving the award, the High Commissioner of the Company of garment Philip Sawyer handed him a receipt noting a 'very long chapter' in the history of the company had just been completed.
King Charles II ruled England, Scotland and Ireland May 29, 1630 to February 6, 1685.

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