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Vietnam / USA / Guinea / Israel: "Live and Become", The Fabulous Destiny of Le Ba Hung and Avi Bari.

We borrowed the title of Franco-Israeli film directed by Radu Mihaileanu, "Live and Become" released in 2005 to describe two extraordinary destinies. They start to despair and the risk and ultimately the success under the banners of their adopted country.
Finally, we also chose the title because it is a film both Israel and Jews around the world have experienced extraordinary destiny starting with Joseph, favorite son of Jacob Israel sold by his brothers jealous of his tunic and his dreams. Joseph, the slave becomes man the powerful viceroy of Egypt next to Pharaoh!

Vietnam: A former boat people, the commander of a U.S. destroyer

         In 1975, Le Ba Hung, a young boat people were rescued by the U.S. Navy.
         On April 30, 1975, the day of the fall of Saigon, Le Hung Bang had just turned five years old when he fled on a trawler with her parents, three siblings and a few hundred Vietnamese.
         After the war, the Communists seized power in a unified country.
         Before crossing the American ship, the trawler had spent two days at sea and himself supported the refugees left on smaller boats.
         "We started with about 200 passengers. When we were collected by the American ship, the number had doubled to about 400 people,"
said the young man became a U.S. commander.
         In 1975, after leaving Vietnam, Le Ba Hung leaves behind four siblings, remained in the center at Hué, their hometown near Danang, where his destroyer, USS Lassen, landed. They would not have met for several years.
         As the family of the commander, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese fled the war ended in 1975 as boat people, often risking their lives. Some, like other parties before that, the collapse of the French colonizers in 1954, have never walked through the door back.
         Since then, a part of his family returned to Vietnam. He said no date had not had the opportunity.
         Le Ba Hung embraced the naval career to follow the "step" of his father. The latter was a commander in the Navy of South Vietnam, supported by the Americans against the Communists of the North during the war. He did, he never pushed his native soil.

         "I am pleased that we are moving towards even stronger relationship,"
comments Le Ba Hung. "This visit is a tangible symbol".
         The commander, "extremely excited"
to return to a country where "the culture, people, traditions" are despite the distance, remained for him "so important", should visit more distant members of his family stayed in Hue . It does not come back one day as a tourist.

Ibrahim alias Bari Avi: Clandestine Guinea became Israeli officer.

Orphan, sold into slavery!

         Bari Ibrahim was born in 1990 in Labe, the second largest city of Guinea-Conakry. He lost his father at the age of one year. Her mother arranged with her uncle. Her mother does everything for his son goes to school. Unfortunately she died when he only 13 years. He fled to his uncle's house where living conditions are unbearable and tries to make a living in the local market. He helps traders in exchange for lodging and meals.
         One day a trader Labe tells him that in Israel, he can earn a salary of $ 3,000 per month. A distant dream to a young boy whose head Labe is full of dreams. During his primary school, he barely had heard of Israel and did not suspect for a moment that he will live there. The dealer offers to pay him a plane ticket to Israel in exchange for a percentage of his salary.
Without knowing it, he agreed to be sold into slavery in Israel!

From Cairo to Tel Aviv "Sharks"

"I knew nothing about Israel,"
he says in a perfect Hebrew.
"I was an innocent child and I thought it would really help me."
explains in perfect Yiddish, Avi Bari.
         His odyssey took him to Morocco, Cairo and the Egyptian Sinai, where smugglers hold illegal crossing into Israel.
         "We were eight African from different countries. The driver has hidden us under a big blanket and the truck left. We have all crossed the Sinai desert. During the trip, I heard the voice of my mother saying to me "Did they sold into slavery."
         “The trip to Israel was a permanent hell. I was very scared when the bedouin were pointing their guns at us to watch us at night. Then we arrived in Eilat. And there, in Tel Aviv.”
         At the central bus station in Tel Aviv, he is left alone. "I was 15, I was the only Black among the whites. I noticed in the distance another Black and I asked him where the migrants were sleeping. "

         Ibrahim began working as a dishwasher in a restaurant and then he sends a letter to the UN Headquartered migrants is based in Jerusalem, to apply for refugee status.
         But the answer was negative because there was no war in Guinea. Thus he finds himself in Tel Aviv Shanti House, a house reserved for children at risk.
         "I had to escape to earn money. I knew that if I returned to Guinea without money, the one who bought me the ticket cut me like a piece of meat "
he says.
         Arrested by the immigration police, he was transferred to a detention house for unsuccessful applicants to the expulsion.

Adopted by a family of "Good Samaritans"

         As in the gospel, that's when the couple Susanna and Azion Oshri, from the small town of Massad agrees to take him into their home and enrolled him in a school.
         In 2008, Foster contacted the Interior Ministry to grant Israeli citizenship. In the sine qua non cindition that he changed his name Ibrahim (Muslim) by Avi (a good Jewish name).
         Like all Jewish youth of 18, after obtaining his degree, Avi is recruited in the Israeli Army "The IDF". Compulsory military service in Israel is two years for girls and three boys.
         After completing officer training he was promoted to second lieutenant in the Israeli army.
         "Who would have thought that I came to this country with nothing, sitting in a prison close to expulsion, would become an IDF officer and would help the Israelis and new immigrants integrate into Israeli army ? I feel that all doors are open to me. Today, Israel adopted me and I feel like a Jew. My next challenge is to get married and start a family. I want to go to University and study international relations ... Then work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and promote bilateral relations between Israel and my country. My dream is to contribute as much as I can to Israel. There are not enough words to express my thanks. "
Apart from the Ethiopian Beta Israel, the IDF banning the misogyny and racism in its ranks joined other African immigrants in its ranks, including the twins of the family Nakouma, Regis and Jessy (now Israel in 2006), first soldiers Congo (DRC), whose parents came to Israel in 1995. They are used to "Kfir", a regiment of soldiers of the Army.

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