mardi 13 septembre 2011

The white queen of Togo.

Going to Katpla, a village of 300 inhabitants 75 km from Lomé in September 1998, the French Marie Claude Lovisa, computer scientist, born in Chaumont in the Lyon region had no idea she would one day be inducted Queen, especially since this town change its name to Lovisa Kope ( Lovisa village), the name of his sovereign.
"God is really great, why he sent us this queen who is white skin but by the African heart and soul," said a resident of Lovisa Kope.
Fifties, a divorced mother of two, queen Mawulolo first "God is Great" (in Ewe, a language of southern Togo) was inducted in November 2004, during a traditional ceremony preceded by a spectacular fifteen days of internment ritual. She has suffered during the retreat, the various rituals that lead to the induction, the latter being marked by the wearing of a dress queen with a golden crown.

"I was crowned following the custom is something extraordinary for someone who comes from Europe, to a white woman in Togo. It was outstanding and I confess that I still top the memorable moments, "said the African Press Agency (APA), Queen Mawulolo Ist.

She adopted 26 children, fully paid equity, plans to build a clinic for mobile operations hernias, the creation of a vocational training center (carpentry, masonry and tailoring) and an orphanage.
"In addition to building a health hut, she has built in the village, a school hard, and we have a bus," says Julien Amouzougan, resident of the village which had in 2009, 4.500 inhabitants.

November 13, 2008, she received the Award "Women 3000" which recognizes women of French origin working abroad, from President of the French Senate, Christian Poncelet, in the presence of Mrs Rama Yade, Secretary of State to French Human Rights.

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