dimanche 4 septembre 2011

Zimbabwean ministers will they be circumcised?

The Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Ms. Thokozani Khupe offered to all ministers 'men' of Morgan Tsavingirai’s government to be circumcised as an example to the people.
"Research shows that circumcised men are at least eight times the risk of contracting HIV / AIDS. So, as authorities of the government, we must set an example for the grassroots understand the importance and benefits of the operation, "she said August 28, 2011 in the capital Harare .
The proposal of Mrs. Thokozani Khupe has not really liked her male colleagues. Eight ministers interviewed, one said to take account of the initiative, told the BBC on Thursday 1st September 2011.
Moses Mzila Ndlovu, the Minister of Health said some of his colleagues described the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister of "Crazy" and "Bizarre."
"Few people seems to support this initiative, but I do not want to discourage anyone," he said.
For the Minister of Technology, Nelson Chamisa, favorable individual choice, "circumcision should be that of the mind rather than the body."
MP Willias Mandzamure provided "serious consideration" to the initiative which it considers good but he does not think to apply it to himself. While his colleague Edgar Mbwembwe will consider the proposal. Of course, some women like Jessie Majome MPs, support the proposal: "The politicians, especially politicians, have responsibilities to their constituents. They must set a good example if they can, "said the latter.
Indeed how this mother of three children aware that some of his colleagues are not already circumcised?
Zimbabwean Mukoni Thomas wonders how to explain to his wife at the age of 41 he decided to get rid of his foreskin.
"It's not easy to discuss these topics. Chances are she accuses me of infidelity," says forties. "But it's a good program ..."
In the event that the ministers would not be willing to be circumcised, experts also believe that condoms, abstinence or fidelity are excellent means of contraception.
Only 10% of Zimbabweans are circumcised, while 14.3% are exposed to the AIDS virus, according to the World Health Organization.
Circumcision is supposed to reduce by 60% the risk of transmission of the AIDS virus according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and in three scientific studies presented Wednesday in Rome by the French Agency for AIDS Research (ANRS).
This study confirms the results of three experiments conducted in Kenya and Uganda (2007) and South Africa (2005).
Since 2002, the Botswana practice of male circumcision on a voluntary basis and hopes to vaccinate half a million in 2012.

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