dimanche 23 octobre 2011

The airport Saddam Hussein become Ibn Firnas

Since 2003, the Baghdad International Airport formerly called "Saddam Hussein" is now called the precursor of aviation, Abbas Qasim Ibn Firnas.
         Berber, Ibn Firmas  was born in 810 AD, Ronda in the capital Tokoronna (Andalusia). He is humanist, man of letters, poet, philosopher, astronomer, chemist, scholar and pioneer of aviation in the court of the Emir Umayyad of Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman II (792-852).
         In 852, he tried to fly by launching from a tower in Cordoba using a huge cloak to break his fall. He escaped with minor injuries. He has invented and experience the first parachute!
         In 875, at the age of 75, he is made ​​into wooden wings covered with a silk coat lined with feathers of birds of prey. He rushes from the top of a tower overlooking a valley and landed badly fractured his two legs.
         But this flight is a success because it had remained in the air at least ten minutes under the gaze of a huge crowd stunned that he had invited. He knew he should have added a tail to his unit. He died in 887 after twelve.
         His attempted robbery on his own scored minds for centuries among the Arabs who consider him as the first man to have experienced a machine capable of flying a thousand years before the French Agnes Clement Ader (1841-1925).
         His name was given to a crater of the moon and to the Baghdad International Airport!

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