jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Algeria: Houari Boumedienne died, poisoned Lithium.

In the show "Shahid ala el Asr (Witness of the time)" the pan-Arab satellite television channel Al Jazeera Qatar, the former Minister for Presidential Affairs and Foreign Iraqi said Algerian President Houari Boumediene (46 years) is poisoned on the orders of Saddam Hussein in 1978 during his stay in Baghdad before the Arab summit in Damascus, Syria.
"Houari Boumediene began to lose weight to look like a ghost, his hair fell out and his bones became so brittle that they broke easily. I knew what suffering President Boumediene, he was poisoned with a type of pest poison: lithium, and I had to do a similar case here in Iraq and the outcome is death to anyone who would use. "
Boumedienne died on December 27, 1978, despite a final medical stay in Moscow. The official version speaks syndrome of Waldenström!
His funeral gave rise to the real scenes of hysteria in Algeria, similar to those observed in the USSR the death of Joseph Stalin.
On the other hand, El Jazeera revealed that the plane's Foreign Minister Mohamed Seddik Benyahia who led from Iraq to Iran with thirteen of his close associates May 3, 1982 was hit by a missile exploded land-land taken from an Iraqi fighter aircraft.

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