mardi 25 octobre 2011

Armenia / United Arab Emirates: An Armenian deputy arrested for theft.

On January 16, 2005, Hakob Hakobian (1963), nicknamed Pup, a member of the city of Etchmiadzin in Armenia since 1999, his son and his friend Hrand Davdian were arrested in United Arab Emirates for committing a larceny in the shop "Wafi Mall" in Dubai, according to the Armenian daily Haykakan Zhamanak.
The newspaper said that they bought for $ 24,000 of clothing but paid only 16,000 dollars to the fund in cash.
           Police said she had inspected their hotel room and within hours had found the stolen business.
People's Party member, pro Kocharian, he was in the past, the owner of one of the largest and most watches banks of Armenia.
"He and his son were released against a declaration that they would not leave the country until the end of the investigation," said Hamlet Gasparian, Spokesperson of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
         The wife of the deputy who accompanied him in the store was allowed to leave Dubai the day after the incident.
The name of Hakobian made ​​the headlines in the fall when it conflicts with the president of the National Assembly Arthur Baghdasaryan and Orinats Yerkir.
Both sides accused each other of corruption and illegal activities.
Hakobian is not the first Armenian deputy to be arrested abroad. Tatul Manaserian, the opposition Justice bloc spent nearly two months in a U.S. prison in 2004 after a violent altercation with his wife, living in California.

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