dimanche 23 octobre 2011

Bahrain: A Jewish ambassador of an Arab emirate.

       In June 2008, King Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain appointed a Jewish decree, Houda Nounou, as Ambassador to the United States. Aged 40 years, Houda Nounou graduated management in Britain. The emirate of Bahrain has only 37 Jews, for a total population of 530,000 Arab Bahrainis.
"His appointment confirms the choice made for reforms in Bahrain, a country that does not distinguish between men and women when it comes to occupy official positions and does not distinguish between its citizens because of their faith, "pointed out a Bahraini official.
Ms. Nounou is the third woman in Bahrain to serve as an ambassador. A member of the Royal Family, Haya Al-Khalifa, a Sunni Muslim, had held that position in Paris and Aloui Bibi, a Shiite Muslim, has in recent months Bahrain's ambassador to Beijing.
Ms. Nounou, who was active in an association of human rights, was appointed to the Advisory Council in 2006. She has replaced her cousin Ibrahim Nounou, who served in the Assembly from 2002 to 2006.
The Nounou is one of the few Jewish families in Bahrain, a small Gulf kingdom which included hundreds of Jews in the late 1940s. Many Jews left Bahrain after the creation of Israel in 1948. Ibrahim Nounou, Houda grandfather, was a member of the City Council of Bahrain in the 1920s when the British colonial authorities dosaient the formation of the council taking into account the religious and ethnic composition of the population of the archipelago.
The board consisted of representatives and Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians and members from populations of Persian and Indian origins who lived together in harmony in the old pearling counter.
In August 2008, the king of Bahrain met in London the Jews exiled from his country and asked them to return to their homeland.
During the meeting with Jewish community Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa who has contacts with the Israeli authorities called the Jews who left his kingdom to return home, saying that those who migrated are full citizens.
         Bahrain is an archelago of 33 islands, the largest being Bahrain Island, at 55 Km long by 18 Km wide. The population in 2010 at 1,214,705, including 235,108 non-nationals.

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