dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Boundaries or walls of shame.

During the fall of the "wall of shame" in Berlin May 2, 1979 and dismantling of the Iron Curtain, there are many people who were pleased by chanting "Never again."
         Since then, nearly 26,000 kilometers of new international borders land were built in the last two decades.
They were erected to separate the country and men for the same purpose:

1. The seat belt or the Great Wall of Morocco is a 2720 km long wall built between August 1980 and in 1987, guarded by 100,000 soldiers and supposed to protect Morocco against Polisario attacks from the Western Sahara.

2. South Korea to protect his sister's North Korea by a barrier of concrete and barbed irons for 56 years.

3. India has expressed its separation from Pakistan by building a wall of 3,300 km. It did the same on its eastern border with Bangladesh.

4. Iran has built a wall on its border with Pakistan.

5. Botswana has built electric fences for 480 km along its border with Zimbabwe to prevent contamination of farm animals entering the country ... and stem the tide of immigrants Zimbabweans!

6. Saudi Arabia traumatized by the Gulf war erects a barrier to ultra-modern 900 km of common border with Iraq. She erected a concrete wall of cameras equipped to counter the massive influx of Yemenis.

7. Turkey claims that part of Cyprus has its portion of territory bounded by a barrier of iron. The O. N.U. calls this "wall of shame": The Green Mile!

8. Since 2007, Thailand erected a metal barrier of 75 Km on its border with Malaysia to prevent the infiltration of Muslim terrorists.

9. Pakistan sets up 2400 km of concrete barrier and iron associated with the laying of mines to be isolated from Afghanistan.

10. Uzbekistan has erected a fence along its border with Tajikistan.

11. A sophisticated wall 1125 km with a third virtual fence equipped with cameras, ground sensors, unmanned aircraft, and the latest technology in surveillance between the United States of Mexico to counter illegal immigration of Latin America.

12. Spain has built an electrified fence and guarded by soldiers armed with enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla (Ceuta and Mlilya for Moroccans) to protect against North African immigrants and other Africans

13. For 30 years, the Irish Catholics are separated by walls. Particularly in Belfast where they live in ghettos each of its side of the wall! Entire neighborhoods have been defaced in Belfast, houses razed and the inhabitants relocated to permit the construction of these walls.

14. The security fence is a real "wall of shame" of 730 km separating Israel from Palestinian territories to protect the first suicide bombings by Palestinian terrorists!

15. Azerbaijan has decided to built a wall on boundary with Nargo-Karabah. Indeed, in the border area between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, the breakaway regions now entirely populated by Armenians, the Azeri authorities are building, since late September, a wall of three meters high and "protect civilians from the Armenian snipers." the site is currently in the region of Agdam, and 700 meters from the wall are in place .

  "This wall will allow residents to return home because of the 78 houses in the village of Tchyragly, 24 houses are uninhabited due to ongoing fire from the Nagorno-Karabakh,"
said the mayor of the village, Gabil Abbasov.
         The "war shooters", which takes place on both sides of the border for years, while the regime of cease-fire in effect since 1994 prohibits any hostility because of "dozens of deaths each year" .

And Novaplanet.com of irony:
"If Mary and Joseph returned to earth today, and walked to Bethlehem, they would face a wall. Instead of a stable, Mary would certainly have given birth at the roadside, waiting to go to x-ray and to scan his passport. We can not imagine the galley of the Magi, who would have taxed all their myrrh ... as Bethlehem has become the largest ghetto in the world. "

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