mardi 18 octobre 2011

Bulgaria: Weather election.

On July 5, 2009, to circumvent the electoral law which prohibits the publication of exit polls to the office the day of the election, the Bulgarian media have used the weather to announce a clear advantage of the opposition center-right GERB Mayor of Sofia, Boyko Borisov in parliamentary elections.
         The news agency B.G.N.E.S. has published a false weather report announcing "unbearably hot", rue de la Mairie, with 40 ° C (40% of lead vocals), while in the streets of the Socialist Party PSB, mercury was only 18 ° C .
         It was still cooler outside the headquarters of the Turkish minority in the MDL, with barely 12 degrees and even cold in Ataka (far-right party) when he was only 9 degrees.
         While FOCUS News Agency used a ranking of the most popular restaurants: the Brasserie "the mayor" collects 38% since the establishment "The Grandma Red"
with 20% referring to the elderly voters who support the party Socialist PSB.
         The restaurant "Mashallah" symbol M.D.L. obtained 13.5% and the brewery "Anschluss", whose specialty is the "Führer" symbol of ultranationalist Ataka, gaining 10%.
         Darik radio announced the election polls in the form of ranking Bulgarian songs: "Fire (GEB)" took the lead with 38%, followed by "pain on the left (PSB) with 19% of a song and Eastern (MDL ) with 14%.
         Known by all Bulgarian voters, this indirect form of communication of survey results is practiced since 2001.

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