vendredi 7 octobre 2011

Comoros: A miracle in the Indian Ocean.

June 30, 2009, an Airbus of the National Yemeni Company  "Yemenia Flight 626" crashed at sea off the coast Comorian before landing at night under the International Airport of Moroni Prince Said Ibrahim.          The plane carried on board 153 passengers and crew members, including many French and French Comorian origin.
Bahia Bakari, a French Comorian origin of 13 had boarded with her mother Aziza Aboudou from Marseille Provence for holidays in the village of Nioumadzaha where she originated in the southeast of Grande Comore, one of the three islands of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
Sole survivor of the 153 people aboard the Airbus of the national airline of Yemen, she came out slightly injured in the accident, suffered a broken collarbone and knee burns after spending nearly eight hours in water, one clinging to wreckage.
"In my head, I was the only one off the plane and, for me, the other passengers had already arrived in the Comoros and I thought my mother would worry about me. I'm hanging on larger aircraft debris that I found, I fell asleep and woke up before seeing the shape of an island. Then I heard the voices of men who came to my rescue but I could not enter buoy and someone had to jump into the water to help me "
"We tried to throw the buoy, she could not take the buoy, I had to jump to retrieve it. She trembles, she trembles. He has four sheets, he was given hot water and sweet, he simply asked the name of the village. We'll take him to the emergency hospital, "he told his rescuer.
"This is a very shy girl. I never thought she would get away with it. I can not say it's a miracle, I can say that this is a good God who "wanted," said his father Kassim Bakari.
At Trousseau Hospital in Paris, she remembers the visit of President Nicolas Sarkozy, who invited him to come to the Élysée when she is restored.
The teenager returned to the family home after being hospitalized 21 days in the hospital Trousseau (Paris XII), treated for facial injuries and shoulder. She return soon in fourth class, a Parisian suburb where she lives.
         She was reunited with her father and three brothers Badian (10 years), Badrou (7 years) and Badawy (2 years) who were not on board the Airbus.
Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophony, Alain Joyandet who offered him a computer for school, for his part said "It’s an extraordinary human adventure", describing Bahia like a girl "surprisingly calm, very sweet, very nice. "
July 6, 2009, President of the Comoros, Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi declared 30 days of national mourning in memory of victims of the crash.

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