vendredi 7 octobre 2011

The doll and voodoo manual of president Nicolas Sarkozy.

October 9, 2008, Editions K & B sold a kit voodoo doll bearing the likeness of French President Nicolas Sarkozy doll fabric containing a 20 cm high, 12 needles a lot and a manual of 56 pages ward off the evil eye and prevent Nicolas Sarkozy "to cause more damage."

The doll in the voodoo ritual is a practice animist from Benin exported to the world through the slave trade. It is used to enchant or to protect an individual.

But who really wanted to captivate the new French president?

The French president who does not appreciate the joke in bad taste filed a complaint alleging "a violation of image rights."

October 20, 2009, he demanded "the cessation of the spread of voodoo doll and the immediate withdrawal of the Handbook of all points of sale," under penalty of 1.000 Euros per doll sold.

The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris ruled against the President of the Republic saying that "the unauthorized representation of Nicolas Sarkozy does not constitute a violation of human dignity or a personal attack, and is within the limits of freedom expression and the right humor. "

A decision that really did not help the President when you consider all the symbolism surrounding the voodoo doll. According to his lawyer, President Nicolas Sarkozy has appealed that decision.

Meanwhile, the voodoo doll remained counter and also has been a great success thanks to media coverage of this case.

The case would have been far more serious if it happened in Port-au-Prince, in Cotonou or the Bahia!

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