dimanche 2 octobre 2011

The Germans caught up with their colonial past.

The Herero of Southwest Africa, today Namibia were exterminated by the Germans between 1884 and 1915. This is the first genocide of the twentieth century.

         In 1840, Germany colonized Namibia, into his backyard. In 1904, the Herero people rebelled against the German settlers. They massacred 200 settlers. King William II of Prussia (1859-1941), the last German Emperor (1888-1918) gives a specific order to his generals: "Make every man, woman, no child, kill them all".

         Seven months later, General of the German army, Lothar Von Trotha (1848-1920) wrote that: "Within the German borders, every Herero, whether found with or without a gun, with or without cattle, will be shot. "

         The extermination order is nearly 86,000 dead on the side of the Herero, leaving alive only 15,000 at the end of 1907.

         A serie of skulls of Herero soldiers were kept at the Medical Center and History in Berlin.

         The Namibia requests that they be returned. The skulls of the warriors carried in Germany were used for "scientific research designed to prove the superiority of whites over blacks."
Finally, a way to legitimize the colonial thinking.

         In August 2008, Prime Minister of Namibia Nahas Gideon Angula (b. 1943) estimated that up to Germany, which had "moral responsibility"
to return the skull to allow Namibia to properly bury its heroes .

         For the Germans, who are the first investors in the country (probably a way to show that any repairs found to be unnecessary for the genocide), it is necessary that Namibia filed a formal request asking for the recovery of skulls.

         What Nahas Gideon Angula responded to the national newspaper New Era, "When they took the skulls, which has given them permission? Who did they ask?".
Before I conclude by saying that all that mattered was to bury these warriors to give them the dignity to which they are entitled.

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