dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Grenada: Passa Passa ... not like that at home!

In Trinidad, calypso dancing "stuck-tight." In Venezuela, the reggaeton tends to mimic the sexual act. In Jamaica, alluring dancers give a touch erotic encounters with popular music, the Passa Passa.
Caught in the triangle of permissiveness, the small Caribbean island of Grenada, however, refuses to take the path of its neighbors.
The "Passa Passa" is a phenomenon originally from Jamaica. This dance very erotic and very obscene is all the rage among young Jamaicans. The Passa Passa brings together fans of music for dancing, drinking and partying. Some artists have used these nights spent went to illustrate their band promos, which increased their popularity.
The American rap artists also were interested in the phenomena when they came shooting in the area, which encourages participants who hope to be in the media videos.
"I hear the Passa Passa that makes its way into the public. People gather to dance and the girls are half naked. I think we want to imitate or copy others, copy the things that worth it. There is no merit for young women to expose themselves in public and leave a DVD (Disc Video Disc) to be made from these images. These kinds of things remind me of Sodom and Gomorrah. They have no place in Grenada. I appeal to everyone in Grenada: Let the "past past" go away. It is one of the biggest problems I encountered. When n 'There is no decency in a society, it can not go anywhere. You have educated people, but indecent, which have no value themselves, who do not comply, and therefore are unable to respect others. And it is a very dangerous trend, "said Ms. Clarisse Charles, Minister of Education of the island of Grenada.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs is responsible for re-moral education of dancers.

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