jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Iraq: It is dangerous to look like Saddam Hussein!

Mohamed Bishr, an Egyptian father installed in Baghdad has one fault: he is a dead ringer for the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.          
 With his beard and graying, he looks like two drops of water to Saddam Hussein during his capture by the Americans December 13, 2003.
One day he met directors of pornographic films who notice the striking resemblance and include him in the next scenario without asking his consent.
They believe that against a large sum of money, he will eventually accept the role. Then they offered him the tidy sum of 330,000 dollars for  playing the role of the deposed dictator in their adult film.
After having briefly describes what is his role, he refused outright market.
Faced with the refusal, they resort to violent threats. One day on his way home, he is kidnapped by gangsters. "Three men forced me off of my car and put me in a van. They hit me on the head, "says he  in his hospital bed at site Al-Ahram.
Before ejecting from the vehicle and drop him on the street, they indicated that he had better change his mind about their film.
         Rescued quickly, the double of Saddam Hussein was hospitalized. He now lives under police protection.

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