lundi 24 octobre 2011

Japan / France: Cannibal in France, Japan Star

On June 11, 1981, Issei Sagawa (born 1949), son of a wealthy industrialist and studying Japanese literature at the Sorbonne, shot his colleague Dutch Hartevelt Renee's (24) and takes his body more than 7 pounds of flesh it consumes before being arrested.
He says the police to the crime squad in Paris: "If I had a freezer, you would not have found ...".
Remanded in custody, it is submitted for a year at a psychiatric contradictory done at his irresponsibility but recommended his detention.
On March 30, 1983, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière, agrees with the experts and pronounces an order of dismissal under section 64 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Issei Sagawa was imprisoned for one year from the prison of Health in Paris in a unit for difficult patients before being transferred to Japan, recommended an internment. In Tokyo, he was interned in the hospital Matsuzawa. and leaves fourteen months later.
A new panel of experts said the responsibility for his actions, but no case in France gave a finality to the Japanese authorities to re-trial.
It benefits from the gap between French and Japanese legal systems, including his father, a powerful industrial to the material time, was able to play to get his son home, then get him out of the hospital.           
Released August 13, 1985, he moved freely in Yokohama, where he became a celebrity in Japan.
 He published three books with evocative titles: "I would be eaten," "I'm sorry to be alive" and "The ones I want to kill" and is published four books about him. He becomes an actor in pornographic films, appears in commercials and clips of anime television programs.
He recently told a German television: "The spirit of Japan is very different from the rest of the world. The Japanese fail gradually as society changes. The Europeans, never forget. While in Japan I became a clown, here in Europe, I am a cannibal. On the one hand, he said again, I regret having killed Renee, but then again, I was right: It was really good . "

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