samedi 1 octobre 2011

Juan Jose Nieto Gil, the Black President of Colombia.

President Juan Manuel Santos is not the 85th but the 86th president of Colombia, if it restores the African Juan Jose Nieto Gil, his place in his official history.
         Born on June 24, 1805 in Cibraco, Juan Jose Nieto Gil is self-taught. In 1839 he was elected to the provincial chamber of Cartagena.         
He participated in the civil war, was captured and exiled for five years in Kingston, Jamaica. During his exile between 1844 and 1845, he published several books, including all lost, "The Squid and the daughter of the Moors" (a novel) and "Los Moriscos".
In 1851 he was elected Governor of the State of Bolivar on the colors of the Colombian Liberal Party.
         After the coup of January 25, 1861, he became president of the Confederation Grenadine (Colombia) and succeeded to  Mariano Ospina Rodriguez. He establishes including free primary education compulsory.
         On July 18, 1861, he sold the Presidency of the Republic Bartolomé Calvo. He died in Cartagena July 16, 1866.
         After his death, his portrait painted before his accession to power is sent to Paris to be "bleached". It was not until 1974, he was restored with the original color.
         It is the Colombian historian, Orlando Fals Borda, who discovered the portrait of José Nieto Gil in the early 70s, when he was abandoned in the attic of a palace of Cartagena.
         Throughout his life, Fals Borda has tried to do justice to this character unjustly forgotten.
         But it was  until the death of the historian, in August 2008, that the Colombian press has regained interest in this man of African blood with extraordinary destiny.

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