jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Kazakhstan: Kazakh language courses to the public through television.

The Russian is no longer the language of communication in Kazakhstan. Measures to significantly reduce the place of Russian - official language still widely spoken - in Kazakhstan have increased recently.
           According to the Journal Vzgliad of Moscow, September 5, 2011, politicians and intellectuals sent an "open letter to President Nursultan Nazarbayev to request the removal of the Kazakh Constitution of the article on the use of Russian in same level as the state language, Kazakh. "
         In August 2011, a law on the mandatory for all structures of state for a match in Kazakh language was adopted. To help the people, the Kazakh Ministry of Culture has printed one million phrasebooks Russian-Kazakh be distributed free in public and private schools across the country.
         September 1, 2011, "the number one public channel, Kazakhstan, stopped broadcasting in Russian,"
reports the Moscow newspaper, Gazeta. The Ministry of Culture called on other channels to reduce the time of programming in Russian.
         The Ministry of Culture does not stop there, because it promises soon to a series of television programs for learning the Kazakh population, inform the site Centrasia.
         These decisions are made as part of a program that provides 20% of adults will have to master the Kazakh by ​​2014, 80% in 2017 and 95% in 2020.
         Kazakhstan is populated by 63.1% of Kazakhs, 23.7% Russians, 2.9% Uzbek, 2.1% Ukrainians, 1.4% of Uighurs, and Tatars 1.3% 1.1% of Germans.
         To be elected or appointed member or hold public office, you have to speak and read Kazakh. The Russian is the language most spoken in the cities particularly in the north where most of the bulk of the Slav population. English is the third language.
         The term refers exclusively Kazakh members of the ethnic Kazakh, while the term refers to all Kazakh citizens of Kazakhstan irrespective of ethnicity.
         The country has 15,522,373 inhabitants in 2011 over an area of ​​2,717,300 km2. Its capital is Atana which replaced Almaty. It is independent of the U. R.S.S. in 1990. On December 16, 1991, Socialist Republic of Kazakhe, it was renamed the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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