dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Kyrgyzstan: The rape to "cure" lesbians.

In Kyrgyzstan, a knock and it violates the lesbians to "cure". This is the conclusion of a report of Human Rights Watch published in August 2008.
Lesbians and transgendered men suffer daily humiliations and violence within their family, by strangers in the street simply because they do not seem sufficiently "feminine" - or the police.
"My mother beat me all my life," said Elmira. And she got worse when she refused to marry and fell in love with a woman. She decided to flee the family home and his mother told him "We'll find you and lock you up."
         "The lesbians are not human beings. Mom was right: you should be locked up. You're crazy," adds her sisters have.
For many of the Kyrgyz, homosexuality is a disease, which some seek to heal by enclosing lesbians, by hitting or raping.
Of 40% of lesbians and transgender men who dared questioned their "coming out" to their families, 18% experienced physical violence. In more than half the cases (56%), relatives tried to force them to change their sexual orientation.
         In total, 23% of respondents have experienced violence have experienced violence in their lives.
While the association "LGBT-labrys" suffered police raids, an official from the Interior Ministry said in 2005, during a panel discussion on human rights, about lesbians and gay men: "I beat them, too. Let's say I walk in the park with my son. and here are two men walking by holding hands. I too would beat them up."

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