mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Libya: Mo'ammar Gaddafi, the fatwa and the National Transition Council!

         On October 20, 2011, after being lynched and executed while attempting to flee the city of Syrte, Muammar Kdahafi was buried October 25, 2011, in the desert to a secret location so as not to serve as a place of pilgrimage.
Three religious leaders, supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, prayed and performed a religious ceremony before burial.
This is consistent with the implementation of the fatwa that struck Gaddafi since February 21, 2011.
While the Western newspapers speculating on the death of the old Libyan, the UN requires an investigation of a death directly, the president of the CNT said the new Libya will now be governed by Sharia (it had been restored by Gaddafi in Libya in 1993) as "basic law", adding however that the Libyans are moderate Muslims.
This automatically includes the sacred and binding as the Fatwa death sentence for one who is hit!
He who is struck by the fatwa has no right to be buried in a Muslim cemetery alongside the fair. In his will, Muammar Gaddafi asked to sit in Sirte, his hometown after a prayer.
The rest to strengthen the fatwa, the head of Gaddafi was a price to $ 1,700,000 for the one who would capture or kill him. This implies that the person or persons who will never betray executed or prosecuted by the Libyan courts or even international!
"According to Sharia, the one who says halal or allowed what God said haram or forbidden, such as killing innocent people, becomes Kafir Murtadd Mustahil is to say, apostate, for trying to make halal (istihlal) the killing of innocent crime expressly prohibited by the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ... "

The Fatwa of Sheikh Qaradawi, president of the IUMS.

Sheikh Qaradawi, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), issued a fatwa ordering the Libyan army to kill Gaddafi
Here are excerpts from the speech of Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which aired on Al-Jazeera February 21, 2011.
"... Libyan society has no parliament, or Shura Council, or political party or institution ..."
Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: The truth is that I do not want to tell Gaddafi, because we always request as reasonable people. Unreasonable people should not be addressed. [Or] and man is more reasonable. For a long time he's crazy.
Signs of madness: the fact that he wanted to be a philosopher, he has produced some theories, like Marx and Mao Zedong ... He invented the third theory ...
We have seen his strange behavior. He became the laughing stock of all Arab summits. This is the joker [group]. He travels the world dressed up in colorful clothes, carrying his tent over the entire surface of the globe - no matter what it costs - in which he welcomes visitors.
This is in addition to the lifestyle he has imposed on the Libyan society, which has no parliament, or Shura Council, or political party or institutions ... He represents that [all] institutions. He is everything and nothing. He said: "I am not a president." So what are you?
If you are truly [the father's] people, where is your compassion towards him? You claim to be a commander and a father but a father Who kills his children? He comes to a commander to kill his soldiers? And in this way! (...)

"Are you going to sacrifice a people for a fool?"

         "This man is not even worth that I spoke to him. I thought that his son had a modicum of common sense ... His name is Seif al-Islam ["the sword of Islam"], but it is the sword of the pre-Islamic ignorance. He wants to draw up the tribes against each other. Allah be praised, the tribes have thrown in the trash.

Therefore, I appeal to the Libyan army, which is certainly endowed with faith, manliness and honor. [The soldiers] should not attack their own people. Who massacred his own people! Will you sacrifice a people for a fool?!
It is forbidden to obey a human being in contempt of the Creator. If the army was ordered to attack the people with planes, I say he should not obey. Instead, he must attack the one who gave that order.
Anyone in the army can shoot over him, and ridding the country and the people of his person, must do.
So I issue a fatwa here to officers and soldiers who are able to kill Muammar Al-Qaddafi: Anyone of them can shoot over him, and ridding the country and the people of his person, should. This man wants to exterminate the people, and I therefore protects the people.
I declare that all who can shoot, and relieve us, as well as Libya and its great people, evil and danger of this man should. "

Why does Sharia afraid the West.

“Sharia is broken down into men who interpret it. And then a thousand and one ways. Sharia Taliban or Saudi wahaabite is a type of version, the Sharia in Turkey, is a different version. A woman was prime minister in Turkey. Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well.
Sharia is a body of texts rigid. What changes is the interpretation by men and women. More men and women are educated, the less they are inspired by sharia to the letter - without cutting off heads, hands or arms. Plus they are backward, the more they will not be up to greet the non Taliban, Wahabi not, do not say hello to the Christians hate the Jews and Christians, to make war. It is the jihad until the conversion of the whole earth. In short, the look on the implementation of Sharia is based on your culture and your openness." Antoine Basbous, Director of the Observer of Muslim Countries answers in La Libre Belgique.

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