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Lithuania / Rwanda: Jesus Christ, inducted King of the Countries.

Lituania, Enthrone Christ as King of Salcininkai.

         In December 2009, to re-inflate the morale of the population in times of crisis, the councilors of the city of Salcininkai southeast of Lithuania, a country with a Catholic majority, decided to enthrone Christ as King of their locality.
         "Enthrone Christ as King of our municipality is a solemn declaration that he is our sovereign and protector,"
said Mayor Salcininkai, Zdzislav Palevic, quoted by news agency Baltic, Baltic News Service (BNS ).
         "During this difficult period for the country, when pressed, the world, Christ's role becomes important not only in the personal lives of people, but also in political and cultural life,"
proclaims the act of enthronement adopted unanimity.
         "This is not a decision that could hurt. The area is very Catholic, and if it can encourage people to respect the Ten Commandments, why not?",
Told Agence France-Presse (AFP) Leonarda Stancikiene, one of 25 council members.

         This city of nearly 7,000 people, mostly ethnic Poles, is located about fifty miles south of Vilnius that Lithuania was the first city to have entrusted his fate to Jesus Christ.

         In an act passed June 12, 2009, the Vilnius region was placed under the protection of Christ "to avoid painful mistakes, dangers and threats."

         Lithuania, a former republic of the USSR became independent March 11, 1990 and a member of the European Union on 1 May 2004, is a secular state, but the Catholic religion remains an essential component of the country. On July 6, 2003, Lithuania celebrated the 750th anniversary of the accession of King Mindaugas, who received the crown of Pope Innocent IV in 1253. "Catholicism has helped to resist the occupation Tsarist and Soviet"
says Bishop Audrys Backis the Express (2003).

         On July 12, 2009, before delivering his oath, the new President of the Republic of Lithuania is Audrys Bishop Juozas Backis, archbishop of Vilnius since 1991 who delivered an opening speech to Parliament.
         Masses are now celebrated in solemn during major national holidays.

The Kingdom of Rwanda dedicated to Christ the King.

         On Sunday, October 27, 1946 in Nyanza, Mwami Charles Leon Pierre  Mutara III Rudahigwa, kneeling at the foot of the altar dedicated Rwanda to Christ the King with this prayer:

         "Lord Jesus, King of all men and all nations, I Mutara Charles Leon Pierre, I bow to you and to your mother, the Virgin Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. I acknowledge that You are the sovereign Master of Rwanda, the root from which all power and spell power.
         Lord Jesus, You who have shaped our country. You gave him a long line of kings to govern it for you, yet they do not know you. When the time set by your Providence arrived, you have been known, You sent us your apostles. They brought us the Light and Life.
         Now that we know you, we acknowledge publicly that You are our Master and our King. Lord I give you my country and myself. Do men love their country of Rwanda. They apply to the advance and make it a reign of peace you have brought to the world.
         They reject far away the errors and vices of paganism to follow your true path. Make the women of Rwanda do honor to their motherhood. They are faithful to their husbands as you are faithful to the Church, and form one body with them. May they form the heart of children and to nurture the respect and love for you and for the country.
         That all the leaders of the Rwanda govern this country in justice. All their judgments are impartial. They do not reflect any preference, so none of my people is not prejudiced. Abandon any deception, any bitterness and hatred. Between them, there may be no parties, but all are united in charity.
         Today, on behalf of the people, I join with all Christian nations to proclaim publicly: that Christ the King and his mother ruled over all men now and forever! "
With this recognition, the first Christian king of Rwanda, His Majesty Charles Leon Pierre Rudahigwa Mutara III, Rwandans and their country became as it were, a nation dedicated to Christ, a nation that accepts the God Father of Jesus Christ.
         Mwami was aware that the divisions, lying, hatred will be defeated only through the miraculous intervention of Christ.
With this solemn consecration, the Rwandans hoped to live forever in a kingdom flowing with milk and honey and free from the grip of idolatry and witchcraft.
         Against all odds, this consecration inaugurated bloody conflicts in Rwanda since the 50's, characterized by hatred and social exclusion, ethnic bloody crimes, massacres on a large scale among Rwandans inside and outside the country. Those who fled were persecuted in their new home.
         Le 25 juillet 1959, the Mwami Rudahigwa Mutara III died suddenly, poisoned in Bujumbura. His successor, Jean Baptiste Ndahindurwa Kigeli V  (1959-1961) reigned till the end of the monarchy. The Kingdom of Rwanda had collapsed.
         Despite the Christian faith shown by the three presidents, Mbonyumutwa Dominique (1961) Grégoire Kayibanda (1961-1973) and Juvenal Habyarimana (1973-1994) who succeeded at the head of the new republic, the country knew that lulls and periods not true peace and prosperity that would have value consecration to Christ the King.
         In 1981, Our Lady appeared in Kibeho. She announced the bloodiest genocide of the twentieth century did more than a million victims.
         Was there between the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Kibeho in 1981 to 1985 with the consecration of Rwanda to the King Christ in 1946?
         On May 15, 1982, Our Lady said, weeping to  young lights: "No one comes to heaven without suffering."
         Lithuanians in Vilnius and Salcininkai are they willing to sacrifice paid by the Rwandans, who believe they have committed their cities to Christ the King "to avoid painful mistakes, dangers and threats"?

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