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Namibia: Herero and Nama are finally going to mourn their heroes..

Peace between Maharero and Von Trotha!

         In October 2007, the descendants of Lothar von Trotha, who ordered the massacre of the Herero in 1904 expressed deep shame about the deeds of their ancestors: "We have the Von Trotha deeply ashamed of the events that took place hundred years ago. The rights were violated at that time deeply "(...) Sorry, since we carry the name of General von Trotha. However, we do not just look back but also look to the future, "said Wolf-Thilo von Trotha.
Von Trotha family had traveled to Namibia at the invitation of Herero Supreme Chief Alfons Maharero, grand-son of Samuel Maharero, who led the uprisings of 1904.

         To mourn a hero is an essential for a family, a people or a nation.

         This was done by the thousands of Herero and Nama that hosted two of 20 skulls at the airport in Windhoek on 30 September 2011. These skulls of warriors killed in 1904 were repatriated from Berlin to Windhoek after more than a century in German museums. They had been kept for research scientists intended to prove the superiority of whites over blacks.
A crowd of 4,000 people was flooded with emotion collected skulls exposed face of the flag in the presence of Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula.
They waited from dawn on the tarmac of the airport, waving flags with the colors of Namibia and banners wishing the "Welcome to the ancestors, our heroes'
When the aircraft landed on the runway Tuesday, women have pushed ululating and men in traditional war cries. On the tarmac, two coffins draped with the national flag of Namibia were off the plane at the sound of the bugle supervised by a guard of honor.
As the coffins were loaded onto a military vehicle, a small group of Herero came up to talk to the ancestors and wish them a safe arrival.
The crowd followed on board hundreds of vehicles running on not to Windhoek, in slow procession behind the coffins were exposed in the gardens of Parliament for a final tribute of the population.
They were then watched over by representatives of Herero and Nama before being taken to the Square of Heroes in a ceremony Wednesday, October 5, 2011 with President Hifikepunye Pohamba.
The skulls of the heroes were joined by Namibia a German delegation led by Minister for Business, Cornelia Piepper.
The Namibian delegation criticized Germany for not having sent a senior representative at the church service and for refusing to sign a document certifying the delivery of the skulls.

Testimony of the past to heal the national trauma.
         Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula, came with several ministers said at the airport that "these remains were the testimony of the horrors of colonialism and cruelty of Germany to our people. (...) The Nation Namibian accepts these remains symbolically to close this tragic chapter, "he added.
The skulls are part of some 300 heads removed for purposes of "scientific" by Germany after the massacre of indigenous Namibian that followed an uprising in 1904 against the German settlers in what was called South West Africa, dominated by Berlin from 1884 to 1915
Many consider this massacre as the first genocide of the twentieth century. About 80,000 Herero then living in the region, 15,000 survived.
By return, Ms. Pieper had expressed "deep regret" in his country.
In 2004, during a commemoration of the centenary in Namibia, the German Minister for Development Cooperation Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul did not hesitate to say that the atrocities "genocide would be called today."
A word that Ms. Pieper did not say Friday. Nor has it spoken of as the repairs called for a handful of protesters who disrupted the ceremony skulls, and as requested by the head again Tuesday nama David Frederick.
Germany paid 600 million euros in annual aid under development in Namibia.

         "Take the hand extended by the German government is the main official," the ambassador said Tuesday Kochanke.

         The German example should be followed by other colonial powers including the French, Belgians and the British for the many massacres committed in their respective colonies in Africa.
Because there is no shame in admitting his mistakes as there is no shame in admitting the mistakes of his ancestors whose actions were often dictated by considerations which can not be proud today!

"A people without a soul, is that a large crowd," wrote Alphonse de Lamartine.

Please read my last article published on 2 october 2011: "The Germans caught up with their colonial past".

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