mardi 11 octobre 2011

Paul Deschanel, the Crazy President of France.

On May 23, 1920, 23 am to 15 near Orleans, a railroad worker named Andre Rateau meets a man walking barefoot in pajamas on the track.  
"My friend, it will surprise you, but I am the President of the Republic" said President Paul Deschanel, which had fallen from a train car traveling at 50km / h in a work zone to Mignerette (in the Loiret) to Montbrison.
         On September 10, 1920, he was seen almost naked in the process of bathing in a fountain of the castle of Rambouillet.
         Paul Deschanel, suffering from serious mental illness, finally announced his resignation on September 21, eight months after his election.
         Hospitalized in a nursing home after his resignation, Paul Deschanel, who was replaced by Alexander Millerand, died in April 1922. Thus ended the mandate of the President the craziest ever known in France.

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