lundi 17 octobre 2011

Saudi Arabia: Clear the Christian symbols that I can not see!

Christ's head tattooed on the arm of a footballer.

         On October 10, 2011, the football player a Colombian, Juan Pablo Pino was arrested in Riyadh on the orders of the religious authorities in Saudi Arabia.
         The striker Al Nasr Riyadh FC was arrested in the business center in Riyadh. His sin: having walked with bare arms in a T-shirt (normal for a football player) with his pregnant wife, revealing the eyes of Muslims tattoos that represent Christ.
         Several customers have complained Mall to see these tattoos exhibited indecent and anti-Islamic.
         The powerful religious police, also called the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Vice rapidly called the offender to the law of Islamic inspiration, which prohibits a person shows off her tattoos in public.
         Held a few hours at the police, Juan Pablo Pino was finally released after having read the letter of the religious police in Saudi authorities, pointing out that tattoos are a threat to youth and it is important to remember that foreigners 'they should not show off.
         Football Club Al Nasr Riyadh FC issued a press release in which the player said to be "deeply saddened" by events.
         And to prove that he will now comply with the laws of Saudi Arabia, he also said that his wife would wear a traditional dress that covers her from head to foot, so that "she can get out in a respectful manner" .

The "Swiss knife" without the cross to be sold in Saudi Arabia.

         Since August 2007: "A number of items can be brought into the kingdom for religious reasons and local regulations,"
including "any objects or articles belonging to religions other than Islam, such as Bibles, crucifixes, statues, sculptures, object to a religious symbol like the Star of David and others. "
The brands of the Swiss watch must remove the cross on his watches to sell leading brands including Swatch and Tissot. These marks then simply talk about the plus sign. But sometimes, when the cross appears on a product insidiously original Helvetic cover is preferred.
          The Swiss Army knife manufactured in Ibach in the canton of Schwyz by the Company Victorinox since 1884 is popular especially among Saudi Nomads.
         When removed the Victorinox Swiss cross on these knives, several customers have shunned the new Saudi knife bearing the "Made in Switzerland".
The Swiss has had to put the cross, including the knife, used for the slaughter of sheep during the Muslim holiday of Eid el Kebir!
         The Swiss chocolates suffer the same fate. Indeed several brands of chocolate are the white cross on red background.
Thus, the Saudi religious police had to decapitate the chocolate Santas because they wore the Red Cross.
         Second Swiss Arabian Gulf market, after the United Arab Emirates, the Swiss are forced to adapt to the religious laws of Saudi Arabia when many must give up their most beautiful symbol: the white Swiss cross!
         The apostolic vicar of Arabia, whose flock should pray secretly, who lives in Abu Dhabi has no right to wear a cross in public.
         Can we still say "Islam is a religion of tolerance and love of neighbor '?

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