mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Switzerland: The Swiss spiritual guide of Deputies.

Swiss Parliament is the only National Assembly in the world to have a pastor in his service. For 12 years, the evangelical pastor Jean-Claude Chabloz officiates as pastor and intercessor at the Federal Palace of Switzerland to the French Parliament since 1st January 2000.
His work is the spiritual guidance of National Advisors Helvetic. There is no policy, he is responsive to issues of national deputies.

"The parliamentary life is very difficult, he must always be located to the problems that are becoming more complicated, it should also to be in order with yourself and having someone who can give his concern, it is positive, "said Theresa Meyer-Kaelin, a member of Christian Democratic Party, former president of the National Council. She is Catholic National Councillor of the Canton of Fribourg.

At the last parliamentary session, he received up to 10 members per day, or 150 members in three weeks.
"In this election, there is agitation, there is some fear, they do not know if they will be re-elected, so that it's not going well  to Parliament at the moment! for me it's wonderful because they need a pastor, "says the Rev. Chabloz to TSR.

"Future professional affairs of the heart, family business, health, sometimes someone slams" said the journalist of Television Suisse Romande (TSR).

"It can happen to them, and it reminds us of their humanity that they are like any other, when passing through a difficult time and we dare to admit to the media without being criticized, for a pastor it is a True happiness, "  added pastor Chabloz.

"Someone who comes from outside, which does not itself involved in politics and who knows us and understands us and listens to us. I myself have recently had big problems and I told him, Jean-Claude if you could think of me! " admits Deputy Liberal Radical fron the Canton of Vaud, Claude Ruey.

         Jean-Claude Chabloz, 69, Neuchâtel evangelical pastor of a father born Protestant and a Catholic mother, trained Protestant before doing graduate studies in a People's University in Denmark. He first devoted to drug addicts and held for many years in the canton of Geneva (16). He then worked in Valais (10 years) and in Lausanne (12 years).
He is currently sponsored by a Liberal Vaud he met during an evangelistic campaign.
          In session, every morning, Jean-Claude Chabloz, is one of the first to walk the corridors of the House of Parliament. "I want to arrive early to welcome the parliamentarians, he said. This is important, a smile!"
         To be at his post at dawn, it is housed, four times a year, in a trailer he parked at a campsite in the vicinity of Bern.
This winter, the sexagenarian has yet elegant habits disrupted for the first time: "It was really cold, so a friend lent me a small apartment in town."
         But in March he will return to "the pastor at the caravan,"
as some deputies call him.

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