mercredi 5 octobre 2011

US-Zimbabwe: A Hollywood script to assassinate Robert Mugabe.

The film "The Interpreter" directed by the American Sydney Pollack that features Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn and Yvan Attal has been criticized  April 4, 2006 by the Zimbabwean Minister of Information Chen Chimutengwede as an attack the CIA-sponsored to assassinate President Robert Mugabe.
According to the Minister of Zimbabwe, the CIA planned the assassination of Robert Mugabe during his visit to the United Nations.
Indeed, during the film's release, "our President goes there next week, then the comparison is obvious, (...) the film is one of the subversive activities of the CIA" said the Minister of Zimbabwe.
Shot in South Africa and the United Nations Headquarters in New York and then projected onto American screens on 22 April 2004, the film features the proposed assassination of octogenarian fictional African dictator of the Republic of Matobo equally fictitious Dr. Edmund Zuwanie (Eral Cameron), during his visit to the United Nations in New York.
The language "Ku" spoken by the interpreter Nicole Kidman, aka Sylvia Broome was devised by linguist Said el-Gheity, director of the Centre for African Language Learning in Covent Garden in London.
Inocencio Arias and Prince Zeid Al Hussein of Jordan, respectively ambassadors of Spain and Jordan to the United Nations expressed regret for not being able to embody their roles themselves in this film. The film cost a whopping $ 80 million U.S. dollars.
Director Sydney Pollack was, however permission to film inside the Palais des Nations in New York.
Is not that many people and too much money to prevent Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to sleep of just the sleep for a few nights in New York?
President Robert Mugabe has promised to respond to the attack "cultural and psychological violence against his country! ".
Sydney Pollack, director of the 1985 classic "Out of Africa", based on the novel by Karen Blixen, who received seven Oscar died in Los Angeles May 26, 2008.
With cancer of the prostate, President Robert Mugabe (87), a candidate to succeed himself in 2011 had surgery at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur January 17, 2011.

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