jeudi 20 octobre 2011

USA: Black women of American Presidents.

President Barack Obama, the first president (mixed) black of the United States is by no means the first to have a black woman as a tenant of the White House.
         Four U.S. presidents had black concubines with whom they had offspring.

President George Washington and Venus

         Between 1785 and 1786, the first president of the United States, George Washington (1732-1799) had a child named West Ford with a black girl of 15 or 16, known as Venus, who worked as slave planting of his half-brother John Washington.
         One of the descendants of Venus, Ms. Bryant that refers to the confidences of his great-grandfather said: "When Venus became pregnant, her mistress Hannah Washington questioned the identity of the father of her child, the question that slave said the old general is the father, mistress "
         Venus and her son were granted preferential treatment on the part of George Washington and all his family members. George Washington stopped going Venus when he was elected president of the United States in 1789, but kept contact with West Ford that he saw during his visits to the plantation. It was a picnic with him, went to church with him.
         West Ford had the privilege of learning to read and write with white children of the plantation
         In the will of Hannah Washington (sister of the president), it was mentioned that when he died, West Ford would get his freedom and the right to learn a trade properly.
         One of the most famous descendant of George Washington couple Venus is the huge black music star: Quincy Jones.

President Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings,

         After the death of Martha Jefferson in 1782, Thomas Jefferson was appointed U.S. ambassador in Paris. He decided to bring with him his eldest daughter Mary with her servant, Sally Hemings, a black slave girl of nine years, daughter of Betty Hemings.
         She had seven children with Thomas Jefferson, some of which did not reach adulthood.
         When Jefferson died in 1826, it is stamped by Mary Jefferson settled in Charlotteville.
         In 1873 Madison Hemings, one of Sally's son, said that all children were from Sally Thomas Jefferson.
         The physical resemblance of children to the third U.S. president was striking.
         In addition, they had been freed by him. Some explained the similarity by assigning authorship to Jefferson's nephews. Others thought that the father of the children of Sally Hemings was rather Randolph Jefferson, the youngest brother of Thomas Jefferson.
         The DNA analysis conducted by Dr. Eugene Foster of the known descendants of Jefferson and Sally Hemings, proved qu'Eston Hemings was the son of former president and his black slave Sally.
         Irony of history: President Thomas Jefferson was against miscegenation and was convinced that blacks were not assimilated into the American nation!
         For years, experts have long Jefferson expressed doubts about the Sally Hemings affair and did not believe the claims of the descendants of Sally shouted that they were all descendants of Thomas Jefferson.
         In 1998, a test A.D.N. Eston Hemings taken from (the last child of Sally) was compared with that taken from Jefferson, the result was 99.9% clear: he was the son of Thomas Jefferson.

The most prolific of American presidents, John Tyler.

         President John Tyler (1790-1862), tenth president of the United States the most prolific of American presidents owned many slaves.
         There were frequent intimacy with many of his female slaves. He had two known illegitimate children, a girl who was treated with consideration by the Tyler family and a son John William Dunjee (1833-1903) who became pastor of the Baptist Church, professor and founder of the newspaper "Harper's Ferry Messenger".

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  1. It has not yet been established that John Dunjee was indeed a child of President Tyler. It would be better therefore not to print this as gospel because it is not yet.

  2. Was this also meant to include the children of William Henry Harrison and Dilsia, or was the fourth president William Jefferson Clinton and his son Danney Williams?