mercredi 19 octobre 2011

U.S.A.: Michael Jackson, son of Krindjabo.

The notable of  Krindjabo claim that Michael Jackson, "King of Pop Music" died June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles to be buried with dignity in his homeland.
         Meeting in Krindjabo, the capital of the Kingdom of Sanwi, a kingdom of Akan in Ivory Coast, the officials have decided so.
         On February 13, 1992, Michael Jackson, who had learned by genealogists that his ancestors came from Krindjabo in Ivory Cost, had visited the village and had been inducted into "prince by the name of Amalan Anoh".
         "It would be a shame, because in the Akan tradition, a prince is always buried with him," argued the King Amon N'douffou V which, as usual, never speaks in public.
         Death is not an opportunity to rediscover its roots, especially for an African American?
         But what are its origins? For the Baluba of Kasai Oriental in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that his death was greatly afflicted believe he was Muluba.
         Since 1985, they awarded him the adoptive name of "Mukalenga Dja Kasongo."

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