samedi 8 octobre 2011

USA: the most lucky player in the world!

Charles Brigg-Karrer was considered as the luckiest man in the game of the World. This young American from a poor family became the darling of society salons and a national real curiosity! He easily won all the games.
"A little voice tells me it's just a number and the correct number, I may be wrong but it is very rare," he said.
They called him a cheat and it even asserted that he had accomplices. But the results of police investigations proved that it was not.
They tried to eliminate him and he escaped several assassination attempts. In 1922, the largest casino met the summoned and told him they preferred to pay a monthly pension, provided that it puts more feet in their casinos.
         He first refused the proposal and finally accepted probably because of veiled threats.
Twist, a month after his marriage July 27, 1934, he rose in the night, opened the window of his hotel room on the 32nd floor and threw himself into empty despite the pleas of his wife.
She inherited a sum of 23 million U.S. dollars. Unfortunately, she died a few months later in a car accident. No one could get their hands on his fortune.
Happy to play, unlucky in love?

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