mercredi 12 octobre 2011

USA/Portugal: George Wright, the last black panther is in a cage.

An arrest surprise.

       In a cozy villa of Almoçageme, near Lisbon live a lovely couple with two children. Neighbors admire him and when he returns home, greetings fly from all sides.
The "Angola" with the name of José Luis Jorge dos Santos, aged 68 years is truly an excellent neighbor without stories, so integrated with his Afro-Portuguese accent. His wife, Maria do Rosario Valente and their children Marco and Sara are a family uneventful.
Until September 6, 2011, when the Portuguese police armed to the teeth arrived in the neighborhood for his arrest, that no one had ever called George Wright and that he was American.
Who would have ever guessed that behind that angelic face hid a former activist of the "Black Panthers" Criminal hijacker wanted by the U.S. Justice for 42 years?
He himself had thought forever buried the case. He felt so well in his new identity of Jorge Luis dos Santos that he had completely buried the story in the archives of his tumultuous youth.
This afternoon of September 6, 2011, José Luis Jorge dos Santos was not. The nightmare George Wright woke up like something out of a coma long history. The past caught up on this. The F.B.I. was after the formal scrutiny of fingerprints, it was George Wright.
Farewell Angolan Jorge Luis dos Santos, hello American George Edward Wright!
On November 23, 1962, George Wright nineteen years and a few armed robberies to his credit. But one night the robbery of a gas station in Wall, New Jersey turns to tragedy: the young African-American blind the manager who refuses to empty his cash: a medal veteran of World War II.
Arrested, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison (15 incompressible). On August 19, 1970, he escaped from Bayside State Prison in Leesburg (New Jersey) with his three fellow prisoners. He moved to Detroit where he was active in the "Black Panthers" movement (founded in Oakland, California by Huey Newton and Booby Seale October 15, 1966) which claims the emancipation of black Americans. The movement has a fault, it has a black liberation army in the United States and advocated violence.

The Epic of Black Panthers

         They are young, mostly students. They call themselves the Black Panthers, and dream of black power in the United States. They are inspired by the independence movement in Africa. They dive into hiding like the Africans in the bush to create the "Liberation Army of the black people in the United States." They do not want to hear from non-violence preached by Martin Luther King and led to his being shot down like a dog. They're tired of being despised because of the color of their skin.
They are preparing a spectacular shot that will make heroes. On July 31, 1972, in a cassock and under the false identity of Reverend Burgess, Wright and his accomplices hijack the plane of the Company Delta Air Lines who liaised Detroit-Miami.
They demand one million dollars to release the 86 passengers. To make sure that police officers who deliver the ransom to be well disarmed, they claim that they bring money in a bathing suit. After a million dollars, they fly to Algiers.
President Houari Boumediene who hates America and supports all the liberation movements was granted political asylum to the writer and leader of Black Panthers, Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (1935-1998) and a dozen members of the movement Black tracked by the CIA and the FBI.
In 1976, the accomplices of the arrested Wright in Paris, but he vanished into the wild. The rest of his life is uncertain. In 1979, while working as a disc jockey in a nightclub near Lisbon, he met his future wife, Maria do Rosario Valente.
Since he can not find suitable work without papers, he moved to Guinea-Bissau in 1980, countries that granted him political asylum. In July 1990, he married civilly in Guinea-Bissau and religiously in Portugal, two months later. It is naturalized as the Portuguese José Luis Jorge Santos.
He holds several jobs, working even in the building, posing as an African immigrant.
In 1986, his son Marco was born and in 1991 his daughter Sara.
In 2002, from the reopening of his case by the FBI, a team of detectives from the NYPD and New Jersey goes after him. The investigation leads them near Lisbon
The United States requested his extradition since his arrest Sept. 26, 2011. Soon he could finish his sentence in the shade of a U.S. prison without seeing the city of Halifax, Virginia where he was born March 29, 1943.

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