samedi 8 octobre 2011

When our democracies border on the ridiculous level!

Estonia: The cow farts taxed

         In May 2008, under the protection of the environment against the emission of greenhouse gases, Estonia has decided to introduce a tax on cow farts.
According to researchers at the Next-Gen, the digestion of cows is responsible for up to 4% of all GHG emissions or greenhouse gases suspended in the atmosphere.
The methane produced by ruminants such is even more harmful than CO2, or carbon dioxin retaining 23 times more heat.
In 2009, Estonia had harvested about 5.5 million kroner (351,000 euros) with 58,000 head of cattle from the Estonian calculating the Ministry of Environment, despite the discontent of farmers. In fact, the pets of a cow each day will cost the farmer about thirty cents crowns.
One can imagine the effect on the morale of farmers cows around the world, if doing so would be emulated in other countries.         
 However Ireland has copied the project and will pay 13 euros per cow and Denmark passed a law Simulator.
Independent from the USSR since August 20, 1991, Estonia, with 1,307,605 inhabitants in an area of ​​43,698 km2 is a parliamentary republic, a member of the European Union since 2004.

Switzerland: Ban on spitting in cities of Gossau and Wallisellen.

         Speaking Switzerland, are now spitting fines Gossau town in the canton of St. Gallen and Wallisellen in the canton of Zurich. Gossau is a town nestled between the Alpstein and the Bodensee, at the gates of Appenzell and St. Gallen cantonal capital. It has nearly 17,000 inhabitants.
While urban Wallisellen is a municipality in the canton of Zurich which has 12,000 inhabitants.
The newspaper "The Bund" of July 15, 2009 explains that the offender may be fined up to 60 Swiss francs (40 euros).

Malawi: Prohibition of farting in public.

         The Minister of Justice of Malawi, George Chaponda, is preparing to table in Parliament a package of laws designed to make life more enjoyable Malawians, including a ban farting in public.
The administration of President Bingu wa Mutharika intends to "shaping of disciplined and responsible citizens".
"How the government can criminalize the release of intestinal gas? Everyone does it ... in public or with an accompanying sound bad ... In a crime is to make a farce of democracy, "
responds a Malawian citizen.
An MP who defended the project tells his sad experience: "One day a few years ago, before entering public service, remember there, I was late for a meeting with my boss and we decided to use the elevator. In the elevator, we met a gentleman who has not even opened my eyes to say "hello", but who dropped against a "bomb". She was so pungent that it left us breathless! I think this law will reduce the attacks public. "
John Tembo, leader of the opposition Malawi welcomed the government initiative cold. "The establishment of a justice on the cheap is not ideal in a democracy. (...) The people of this country can not fairly assess the integrity of this proposal, "he said.
A comment that echoes other criticisms in the country, questioning in particular the ability of justice Malawi to respond to increased complaints generated by the adoption of such a bill.
Independent since July 6, 1964, Malawi, a poor country in southern Africa is inhabited by 15,447,500 people (2010) in an area of ​​118,844 Km2. Subject to the harsh dictatorship of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda in 1963 to 1990, the country opted for a pluralist democracy since 1993.

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