jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Albania: The ghosts of the Cold War.

Once nicknamed the "Land of Eagles", Albania has built 700,000 bunkers under the rule of Communist dictator Enver Hoxha. Built in the 1960s along the beach Seman, 120 km south of Tirana, these forts are partially invaded by the sea
         The first model was built in 1968 under the direct supervision of the dictator Enver Hoxha (1908-1985). Eight years later, Albania was entirely covered with a network of some 700,000 bunkers have been added that thousands of tunnels.
         The communist dictator who ruled with an iron hand the country since World War II until his death in 1985, feared a Soviet invasion as an attack on the West.
         Attacked by erosion, forts like ghosts mossy. Iron bars rusted out hole in the concrete part.
         "In this state, they present a serious danger to tourists. Accidents are frequent, there was even the victims," ​​
said Sotir Zarka, mayor of the municipality of Seman.
         "All along the beach at Seman at least two miles, the army must remove some two hundred forts, each with a deadly enemy oriented that never happened,"
says Besnik.
         The operation began with only seven forts have been withdrawn in a fortnight.
         "Our goal was to remove four bunkers a day, but we can not even remove one,"
retorted Mr. Besnik, now responsible for destruction once after participating in their construction.
         More than twenty years after the end of communism, Albania is struggling to get rid of its military arsenal. Under the new defense minister, OK and Gazmend, "there are at least 85,000 tons of weapons and ammunition must be destroyed because they are a danger to national security and safety of the people."

         According to NATO documents, "put together, all son-trap mines cover the distance to and from Tirana and Australia."

         Albania is a republic in southern Europe, west of the Balkan Peninsula, with an opening on the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. The country shares borders with Montenegro to the north, north-east with Kosovo, to the east with the Republic of Macedonia and south with Greece.
         Since 2009, Albania is member of NATO and is applying to join the European Union It is chaired by president Bamir Myrteza Topi (born 1957) and the Prime  minister Sali Ram Belisha (bord 1944).

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