mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Australia / Netherlands/France/Italy: The Burqini against the Burqa.

Invented in January 2007 by Ahed Zanetti, a Lebanese settled in Australia since the age of two years, or burqini swimsuit winter, made of lycra, consists of loose leggings and a sweatshirt long sleeve wearing a hood enclosing the hair. Accordance with the precepts of Islam, it leaves only the hands, feet and face. Ahed Zanetti has sold 9,000 pieces from the first month and has continued to open stores around the world.
         Approved by the Grand Mufti of Australia Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali, the burqini is no unanimity among Muslim fundamentalists who are too sexy and shocking colors.
         In 2008, at the municipal pool in Almelo, a town in the province of Overijssel, the Netherlands, a Muslim being seen swimming burqini provoked an outcry. Erik Busscher, director of the pool of Almelo received hundreds of emails of protest, mainly from Muslims.          The Freedom Party PVV, (far right) Geert Wilders had recovered the case ...
         In June 2009, open debate on the burqa ban in France, a shop that sells burqini was opened in Geneva. The sweat was selling well in Zurich, Lausanne and Basel ... where it is allowed since 2007.
         In August 2009, for reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed in french public pools. For this reason it was banned in the port town of Seine-et-Marne.
         In 2009, the mayor of Varallo Sesia affiliated with the North League, a Nationalist Party, has issued an order to suppress the wearing of burqini the banks of rivers and pools of the municipality subject to a fine of 500 EUR.
         Justifying the measure, Mr. Buonanno said: "Imagine a Western woman bathing in a bikini in a Muslim country. The consequences could be decapitation, prison or deportation. We are simply trying to ban the use the burqini. "

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