vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Belgium: To cut the Royal cord!

         In 2008, Delphine Boel, the adulterous daughter of Belgian King Albert II has published a book called "To cut the Cord," published by Luc Pire in Brussels in which she settles accounts with his biological father who does not recognize her.  
"What is this father who does not take responsibility and do not come to the aid of his daughter when she is harassed?"
         She would have liked in particular that the Belgian monarch to submit to a paternity test.

Delphine, born February 22, 1968, and whose physical resemblance is undeniable with the man she nicknamed "Papillon" while attending his mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, wife of Jacques Boël. At the request of his brother, King Baudouin I, that this affair remained secret.
The divorce between Prince Albert  II and the future Queen Paola have earned the first loss of his title of heir to the throne of Belgium.
In 1980, the reconciliation between the Princess Paola and Prince Albert ended his affair with the Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.
"The case Delphine" begins October 19, 1999, when a young Flemish 18, Mario Danneels published a biography of Queen Paola: "Paola, the dolce vita in the Crown".
Delphine phone to King Albert, who explodes in anger: "You must not call me. I do not want to hear about this story. And besides, you're not my daughter."
"The palace wanted then it would be desirable that I disappear, I left England," writes Delphine Boël.
Since 2003, Delphine, artist, lives in Belgium with Jim O'Hare, an American of Irish descent who works in the building with whom she has two children, Josephine, born October 17, 2003 and Tobias, born April 28, 2008.
Would she not have been content to be chief of staff Michel Didisheim princely as the fruit of love of Leopold III and Claire Maigret Priche, born April 18, 1930 (five months before Baudouin I)?

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