lundi 21 novembre 2011

Botswana / Rwanda: New policies "all risks".

Botswana: A program to circumcise all men.
        Botswana, a country of two million inhabitants, is heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. The prevalence rate reached 24% in the adult population whose life expectancy is 34 years.
         "The Ministry of Health decided to circumcise 80% of Batswana over five years, representing 460,000 people,"
said Janet Mwambona, program manager. Clinical trials conducted in Africa showed that circumcision reduced from 50 to 60% the risk of HIV transmission of women to men.
         The program received support from the World Health Organization and UNAIDS. The government has launched a media campaign to encourage men to visit hospitals to be operated in a sanitary condition. Until the 70s, some ethnic groups practicing traditional circumcision in the bush until the authorities discourage this practice for reasons of public health.
         Far from being a panacea, the removal of the foreskin may slow the progression of the disease ... but does not protect 100% of the virus and does not exempt the use of condoms. That African men often forget alas.
         Southern African country of 581,728 km2, Botswana has a population of
2,029,307 inhabitants (2010). It is headed since 2008 by General Seretse Ian Khama, son of the country's first president, Sir Seretse Khama (1921-1980).

Rwanda: Country of massive vasectomy.

         From February 2011 to deal with rapid population growth, the Rwandan government will launch a three-year campaign of male sterilization and expects 700,000 volunteers to get vasectomy.
         Vasectomy is an irreversible method of male contraception that involves surgically cutting the vas deferens that carry sperm. This does not affect the erection and ejaculation, since sperm only 3% of the total volume of fluid called semen that is produced by the seminal vesicles located well above the ligatures made.
         Vasectomy should be decided so deliberate as it may be regretted later if the woman's "voluntary" leaves after 10 or 15 years or if one of his children died and the husband wants to make another to replace him. He can’t do more. In addition we still know very few things about the psychological impact that may result from the loss of masculinity! Vasectomy does not prevent catching HIV/AIDS or STDs!
         For the Minister of Health, Dr. Richard Sezibera, vasectomy is less risky in terms of postoperative complications and less expensive than female sterilization. The daily "New Times" reports that Kigali Rwanda is the only African country to advocate vasectomy as a contraceptive.
         Small countries in East Africa of 26,338 Km2, Rwanda was inhabited by 11,055,976 inhabitants in July 2010 with a density of 419.77 inhabitants per km2. With a total fertility rate of 5.5%, the Rwandan population will increase to 16 million in 2020.
         The country that has experienced genocide (1 million deaths, mostly Tutsis) from April 6 to July 4, 1994 led by General Paul Kagame since 2000.

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