jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Canada: The sex party in British Columbia.

In 2005, a new political party was born in British Columbia. It is called "The Sex Party" and is determined to defend the ideas related to sexuality based on the slogan "sex is good, let the best."
         "We do not campaign to be elected. It is impossible in a system of first past the post ballot that discriminates against small parties,"
says John Ince, who owns a sex shop who chairs the "party of sex."         
The party proposes that the Victoria Day, held annually in honor of Queen Victoria of England to become "the Feast of Eros" and that Valentine's Day evening declared a holiday.
         "The other parties do not want to deal with such problems,"
said Scarlett Lake, madam of an escort agency and one of three Sex Party candidates.
         "We exercise all other business in the life of every day. We are amateur politicians and we have a lot of time to campaign," says John Ince, who appeared in the same constituency that Gordon Campbell, Liberal Premier of British Columbia.

         In Geneva, Switzerland is an association for the protection of prostitutes "Aspasia"
which was represented in Parliament Geneva (Grand Council) by the street-walker, painter, writer and MP, Real Grisélidis (1929-2005).
         FEMEN, which claims 300 militants in Kiev, is not his first attempt and became a phenomenon in three years in Ukraine and abroad.
         They have specialized in commando operations where it is most often topless

A half undressed or scantily clad, these feminists increasing public actions to denounce prostitution, sex tourism, or the harassment of university students in Ukraine.

On October 29, 2011 Femen activists gave the kick-off in Switzerland for a European tour which had already carried out in particular before the Paris home of the former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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