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Central African Republic: The false and the true Martine Bokassa.

In 1970, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, president for life of the Central African Republic asks the French consul in Saigon to find his daughter Martine Nguyen. After the false quick searches, the French diplomat said he found the girl of Bokassa. It is a Bokassa, who receives radiant and her daughter lost her mother at the airport in Bangui November 26, 1970.
         In December 1970, a Vietnamese newspaper reported that the daughter of the President Central is not the real Martine. The Centra farican president accuses France of having found the girl to ridicule him.
Shortly before leaving Vietnam, the Americans found the real Martine Nguyen who landed in Bangui in January 1971 with his mother, Hue Thi Ba.
         Good prince, Bokassa accept both students and the rank of imperial princesses in 1977 after his coronation as Emperor Bokassa Ist. He combines both.
In 1972, the false wife Martine marry the commander of the Air Force, Obrou while keeping the true Martine marries with Dr. Jean-Bruno Dédéavode, a doctor at the hospital in Bangui on January 30, 1973.
The rest is simply dramatic. On February 13, 1976, True Obrou is accused of involvement in an attack against Bokassa (organized February 3, 1976) and sentenced to death.
         President Bokassa then directed Dr. Jean-Bruno Dédéavode to get rid of the unborn child of the couple Obrou in the aftermath of the attack.
The doctor  poisones the baby February 23, 1976. On February 18, 1980, Dr. John Bruno Dédéavode is on trial for this act by the criminal court in Bangui and executed January 24, 1981.

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