lundi 14 novembre 2011

The Chinese increasingly insane.

Depression is one of the most common diseases of modern China.

In 2005, about 100 million Chinese, or 8% of the population suffer from depression and most do not heal.

Some 20% of Chinese have already shown symptoms of depression, says Chen Zhiyan, a psychiatrist at the Academy of Social Sciences of China, in an article in Beijing Chengbao.

And 85% of patients do not receive adequate treatment or no treatment at all. "Most of the depression did not see themselves as sick and just listen to the advice of doctors," said Tang Dehua of Peking University.

Several official reports have shown in the past that 90% of people who committed suicide in China in recent years had never been treated before acting out.

Family planning policy? Stress? Lack of social support? Too rapid economic development?

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