jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Cyprus: Plunder of the elixir of love.

Saint Agapitikos, which means "loving" in Greek, would have participated in the Crusades in the German army before settling in the region as a hermit. His grave in the small village of Arod west of Nicosia has lost a quarter of a stone through the fault of unfortunate lovers avid of the elixir of love.
According to an old belief, simply mix a little dust of the tombstone of a loved one to give birth to rekindle a romance or passion.
A time abandoned the belief has been revived recently. "Many people said it worked. In recent years, I do not know what took them, but people flock to it. The other day, residents have seen people come to the tomb to stay a long time and come away with a stone, which must have weighed half a kilo "said the mayor of the village, Matthaios Stefanou.
The Department of Antiquities of the island was alerted and the Mayor hopes that couples seeking solutions to their love to look elsewhere.

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