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Djibouti: Bin Laden wants to build a bridge between Africa and Asia.

On 24 February 2008, the Saudi businessman Tarek Mohammed bin Laden, half-brother of Osama bin Laden (the Al Qaeda terrorist wanted by the Americans) and owner of the construction company Middle East Development has been received by the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, to whom he presented the models, and explained the results of initial feasibility studies for construction of a bridge connecting Djibouti and Yemen.
         The bridge Bab-el-Mandeb (the gates of hell, the name of the strait between Djibouti Yemen) will be 28.5 km long. It will link Yemen Perim Island in the Red Sea, Djibouti and the African continent.
         According to the initiator of the project, the first phase is to build a bridge of 3.5 Km to the Yemeni island of Perim and another of 4 Km to Bab-el-Mandeb (Gate of the hell), the strait between Djibouti in Yemen.
         The second phase is to build a bridge to Djibouti 21.5 Km, 13 Km and 8 Km suspended and placed on pylons sunk in the Red Sea.
         In addition to the bridge itself, the project presented by Mr. Mohamed Tarek bin Laden, half-brother of Osama bin Laden, is the builder of "a new city called Madina al-Nour" (City Light)”,
an area of 600 km2 in northern Djibouti, across the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb.
         But the project faces two major obstacles. One is related to the risk of earthquakes, seismic activity is very strong in the region.
         The other is the opposition to a program that would be a serious competition for the Port of Djibouti, growing through investments in Dubai.
         The cost of one bridge is estimated at 14 billion euros. The project provides for construction will last ten years, a period similar to the construction of the Suez Canal.
         "We're not really involved, the project we just fell from the sky on a proposal from a brother of Osama bin Laden who has a construction company in Saudi Arabia",
told to Agence France-Presse, Prime Minister of Djibouti, Mohamed Dileita Dileita.
         Djibouti (23,000 km2), which has 506,221 inhabitants (2008) is a country in East Africa, located on the Red Sea.
         It is surrounded by Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is a poor state industry (15% of GDP) and especially in agriculture (3% of GDP), contributing to high unemployment (70% of the workforce in the country).

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