jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Egypt / Israel: The biblical exodus of the Jews from Egypt to the court.

In 2003, Nabil Helmi, Professor of International Law and former Dean of the Faculty of Law at Zaqaziq east of Cairo, and former member of the National Council for Human Rights, Egypt, has decided to launch a lawsuit against Jews for theft under Moses said the Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar.
For him, the Jews are guilty of theft and looting of Egyptian treasures (gold objects, silver and copper) that they carried at the time of the exodus led by Moses, there are over 3000 years. They must pay to Egypt, hundreds of billions of dollars.
This claim is not unrealistic, says Al-Akhbar, which argues that if the Jews had recovered the land of Palestine, it is not unreasonable that the Egyptians get their treasures back.
Professor Nabil Helmi who has worked with a dozen specialties of international law, Religious Affairs and Archaeology to gather documents were ready in September 2009 to justify such a trial before international courts.
To be continued, but the problem is that he must find an international tribunal competent to handle a truly pharaonic record.

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