jeudi 3 novembre 2011

France: Jean-Marie Le Pen to the rescue of fallen Arab dictators!

Admiration for the courage of the Libyan Qadhafi Mo'ammar

         During his weekly video blog of October 14, 2011, Jean-Marie Le Pen (83), founder and honorary president of the National Front in France, whose daughter Marine (43)  is a candidate for the French presidential election, praised the fighters pro-Qaddafi, "the fighters of Syrte resistant against the world, and give an example of courage and determination, a bit like Cameron * or Bazeilles **."
Commenting on the visit to Libya of French State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Pierre Lellouche, he continues: "We have yet to end the destruction of Libya and already the vultures arrived to try to do business, but business with our money of course, since demolished with Libya, they will naturally invite us to rebuild it, but of course with our money, not with them. "

Support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

         Asked about the protest in Damascus on October 12, 2011 in support of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, he denounced "the false propaganda of the French media."
         "The Syrians say that there are a million demonstrators and indeed we see a huge mass, and this is reflected in the French media by a few tens of thousands of protesters"
Jean-Marie Le Pen denounced those "who clearly want the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and the subversion of Syria."
         "I think the Syrian government was legitimate in its fight against gangs who wanted to seize power (...) and I know that he is the protector of Christians throughout the region." he added

The Arab dictators deposed, protectors of Christianity.

         "If Syria was falling and if the dictator is to be said, who has done a series of reforms he was asked, was overthrown, and well after Ben Ali, after Mubarak , Gaddafi and Saddan Hussein, these leaders were anti-Arab Islamists, who protected the Christians, they were overthrown with the help of the West. But it is true that it is not very Christian, "he concluded.

* On April 30, 1863 the battle was between sixty soldiers of the French Foreign Legion against 2000 troops of the Mexican army in the small village of Camarón de Tejeda. At the end of the day, it stayed only six Legionnaires who continued to defend themselves with bayonet. April 30, this defeat "bold" is still celebrated by the French Foreign Legion.

** The Battle of Bazeilles opposed 150 Porpoises and  Bigor of the Infantry Regiment French Navy to the Bavarians on August 31, 1870. The next day, the Bavarians more flee before the 150 French infantry. But before the superiority of the Bavarians, the French general Vassoigne sounds the retreat. The French army had lost 2,655 soldiers and the Bavarians had left the fold.

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