samedi 12 novembre 2011

France / R.D. du Congo Moise Tshombe, persona non grata in Paris!

On Saturday, June 15, 1963 at 9 am 40 ', the former president of the Katanga landed at Orly airport in Paris for Salisbury (Lusaka), capital of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (now Zambia). It is prohibited to access the French territory because it does not have valid identity papers.
         Katanga Passport no longer  in France since becoming a private citizen Congolese January 19, 1963. Katanga which he had proclaimed independence July 11, 1960 is no longer a memory in the smoking rubble of the bombing of O.N.U.C..
         The French authorities are reluctant to return him to Salisbury. Especially as Switzerland and Belgium refused to host him.
         Katanga is exhausted. He collapsed on a bench in the waiting room of the terminal and falls asleep.
         For humanitarian reasons, the Direction of the French Immigration granted him a room in the hotel "bonded" at Orly where he tries to rest. At night, he took intense pain and uses doctors who issue a medical certificate. In view of the certificate, the Interior Ministry admitted the fact of a clinic deemed chic at Passy in Paris with prohibition of any visit.
         France, which unofficially supported the secession of Katanga through the Association France-Katanga, combining the former officers of the Secret Army Organization (OAS)., Commanded by Roger Trinquier (1908-1986) at the request of Prime Minister Pierre Messmer (1916-2007), had refrained from recognizing "officially" Katanga.
         After a sad exile in Madrid, Tshombe will be returned to power as Prime Minister by President Joseph Kasavubu (1913-1969) in July 1964 ... and received "warmly" at the Elysee Palace by General Charles De Gaulle November 30, 1964.
         Dramatically removed June 30, 1967 in Spain (from Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza) where he was again a refugee, he died of "heart attack" in a prison cell of Batna Algeria 30 June 1969.

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